Tekken 5 free download pc game

Free download Tekken 5 pc game for Windows. Tekken 5 is based on 1v1 street fighting action gaming. Tekken 5 is fifth game Tekken game series made by Namco.

Free Download Full version of Highly compressed and fully ripped PC action and fighting game Tekken 5 for Microsoft Windows. Tekken 5 is a street fighting and action game which is made for many platforms and can be downloaded from this post for free. This is a freeware and shareware game added to the series of Tekken Fighting games. Tekken 5 is a latest version and last edition to the series of Tekken street fighting games. Tekken 5 is famous game of present time.
Tekken 5 is a very highly played game among the people of all the parts of the world. Tekken 5 is a freeware game released for Microsoft Windows operating systems. These platforms for which Tekken 5 game has been released are Microsoft Windows 7, MS Windows 8, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Vista, MS Win 2000 and Microsoft Windows ME. 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating environments of Microsoft Windows run Tekken 5 fighting game.
Tekken 5 is a very popular game since its release because people got curious about the game interface of Tekken 5 PC game. As every game of Tekken fighter games series earned a lot of fame among the games of this category hence every new game of this series had made people curious about it. Tekken 5 arcade fighting game was released in the year of 2004 and for its release people waited for a long time. Tekken 5 arcade fighting game used a game theme of previous Tekken action games.

Tekken 5 game is a 5th edition of Tekken gaming series. This series is proudly developed released by Namco. The First game of Tekken fighting series was released in the last century and later rest of games of Tekken series were made in a series. Tekken 5 resembles a lot with Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournment 2 and Tekken 4 games. More better and advanced graphics and other games features are added in this game. Street Fighters action PC game has almost the same features of Tekken 5.

Game Play of Tekken 5

In Tekken 5 fighting free PC Game player is allowed to choose a character between some of the player given or added into the game. All the characters from the previous games of Tekken games are added to the Tekken 5. Apart from this some other new characters are also added to this game. Player chooses one of them and then proceeds to the game where he is supposed to fight with the other player controlled by PC or by other opponent player if game mode is Multiplayer.
In Fighting of Tekken 5 with opponent players one needs to beat the player on the other side. Using a joystick attached to the PlayStation or Keyboard with PC he has to beat the other player by showing the skills one have got. In this game the player can make some power acts by using various game keys in a single time. These power acts are called as super shots of particular players. Tekken 5 allows two modes of gaming one is Multiplayer and other is single player in which player fights with the computer.

System Requirements of Tekken 5

Processor Speed: 1.8 GHZ Core 2 Duo Or Equivalent
RAM Speed 1 GB DD R 1
VGA Or Graphic Card: 512 MB nVidia Ge Force or ATI
Operating System: Win 7, 8, XP, Vista, 2000, ME, 98
CPU Type: Pentium IV or Celeron
Others: Direct X 10, Sound Card, LAN Connection

Game Details of Tekken 5

File Size:
Version: V
Licensed: Free to Play Demo (Shareware)
Developers: Namco

NOTE: You can not download pirated or cracked version of this game by any mean as developers do not consent for that. Whereas, you can have a Demo version of this game because it is officially released by the developers. The link below will take you to the page where demo is available.