Memebox Ends International Shipping on March 31st.

Memebox is taking a break from International shipping beyond Japan, Canada and the U.S.
If you have any Memebox points and you are an international customer make sure you use your points while you can.
You are free to order any boxes until March 31st and they will be shipped to you when they are released but you will not be able to place an order after the end of this month.

Use the code: SHIP4CHEAP to get $7.00 off your shipping charges until March 31st.
Their email said that they are a growing company and are having a hard time getting their shipping processes in order and they need some time to streamline their business model with regards to their massive customer growth.

It is my belief (and they have also alluded to this) that once everything is in order and their warehouses in the US are set up, they will return to providing shipping globally.

So!  For all you Europeans and South Americans and everyone in between, here’s what you need to get before that final date rolls around!

A wide but unique range of hair and body care products, including body patches to perfume.

The Cost: $23.99

Shipping date: April 23

*To celebrate the first special hair & body edition, we’re giving you 3 bonus points!* These bonus points should be used by March 31st if you are International.

This is a Memebox Special Edition:

Memebox Special Edition was created for special occasions, or specific themes. Just like the regular Memebox it is packed with 4 – 8 full sized products and deluxe samples, carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products.

High quality, high performance, essentials: Classics.  banila co. is most certainly one of Korea’s favorite brands.

From skincare to cosmetics, banila co. is well-known for it’s high quality, efficacy, and gorgeous packaging. We wanted to create a box with goodies that everyone could love, everyday.

*Please note that, Memebox by banila co. is a Memebox Special Edition, and the box only contains products from banila co.

The Cost: $39.00
Ships out April 15th
And don’t forget that Memeboxes #11-16 are still available!  Memebox #11 can be bought alone but the rest can be bought in sets.
Also, all Superboxes except #5 are restocked and ready to be purchased before that March 31 deadline!
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Superbox #4 is the sold out Etude House box.  Only 100 were available.
Superbox #5 is the “color box”.  I’m not sure what kinds of products will be in this one but I think I will contact them and see if they can give me a little more information 🙂