BareEscentuals Beauty Surprise Box Spoilers!!

BareEscentuals has a NEW Beauty Surprise Collection!!  It is 13 pieces and it is AVAILABLE as of the time of this post!  I just purchased one!

For $45 you will receive thirteen items with a combined value of $239!!  Now that is an amazing deal.  I love BareEscentuals and most of my daily make up is by them.
The awesome thing was that I signed up for their Friends and Benefits Program (i see what they did there) and that got me a free eyeshadow along with my purchase!  Yay!  I also filled out the profile though I don’t think that will be taken into account with a surprise box but that would be pretty awesome if it did!
It does say that it sold out last time pretty quickly but this was posted on April 11th and there are still some available!  Get over there quick and grab one if you love bareEscentuals like I do!
I actually appear to have found the contents of this box!  That won’t make it a surprise so if you don’t want to know don’t read any further.  If you got the last Beauty Surprise box it *looks* like it might be the same product.  However, when they send the confirmation email the SKU codes are listed.  And SKU codes lead to products!
 Cupcake Natural Lipgloss- It appears you can’t actually buy this because you can’t choose a color
Pretty Amazing Lipcolor-Rouge- The color specified is no longer in stock.
Prime Time Shadow in Cameo Pink – this color is also discontinued
PT Brightening Eye Primer (3ml)
Illuminating Mineral Veil
Prime Time Neutralizing Foundation Primer1oz
Sugar Plum Natural Lip Gloss – Couldn’t find it on their site but I found it at Ulta.
Mini Illuminating Touch Up Veil w/silver-handled brush- This is from the holiday 2013 collection.  Interestingly its being sold on Amazon by BareEscentuals
Ready Eyeshadow 4.0-TheNext Big Thing (Orange Palette)- This is a 4 eyeshadow palette of orangish colors that is no longer carried.  Found it on Amazon being sold by Bare Escentuals
Flawless Face & Eye D/E Brush – I cant find this
Ready Luminizer-Love Affair w/Pearl – This is one I had to go to ebay to find.
Contour & Define Brush – They don’t appear to be selling this anymore but I found one with this name on ebay, you can check the link.
So after all that, I’m excited about the Prime Time Foundation Primer, the Mineral Veil, the Bare Radiance face color, the eye primer… Oh, well, I think Im excited about it all!! Yep, all of it makes me happy.  I don’t care if colors are discontinued as long as they dont smell bad or are expired.
**I just received my shipping email and can confirm that the above products are the ones included**
Look at all that fun stuff!  What do you think?  Its all quite valuable, is it worth the $45 to you? Will you get it?