Memebox #11 Shipping Delay and Green Tea Box Issue + Sign up bonus points

If you ordered Memebox #11, you may have received an email telling you that it has been delayed.
As compensation for the late box, you should have received 3 extra Memepoints.  It will be shipping on the 28th of this month.

Green Tea Memebox:

If you ordered the Green Tea Memebox, it appears that there also was a problem with the cleansing oil.
If you wanted the Re:cipe by Nature Green Tea Cleansing Oil, it will not be in the box.  You have until the 25th of the month to cancel your order.

Sign Up Bonus:

If you are not currently an account holder at Memebox, I highly suggest signing up now.  They are giving out 10 Free Memepoints for new accounts!  Which means you could get a Red Color Box for $5!

I admire the fact that Memebox not only owned up to their mistakes but also compensated for them.  And in the case of the Green Tea box, being allowed to cancel it is good way to keep your customers.  Plus they can spend that money and new points on another box! Yay!  I did not get the Green Tea box but the Re:Cipe by Nature would be the reason I would get it.

Did you get the Green Tea box? Will you cancel and get a different box or will you get it even without the Re:cipe product?