Blush Mystery Box for July 2014 Review

Blush Mystery Box is one of my favorite subscription boxes!  This July 2014 box is no exception.  The value is always there and is usually well over $100.  As often as possible, the items in the Blush Mystery Box are full sized which is nice, too.

What You Get:  Full size and deluxe samples of the latest and greatest beauty products worth at least $100 delivered to your door.

Julien Farel Haircare Zero Frizz Restore–  This is a full size hair care product that brings curls and waves back to life, keeping them soft and easy to maintain.  A powerful combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Resveratrol and Bioflavonoids renews cells more quickly and nourishes from follicles to ends, extending your hair’s growth cycle and helping you keep the hair you have longer. Great for anyone experiencing hair thinning/loss.
Formulated for all types of frizzy hair, it eliminates frizz and blocks humidity with Sweet Almond and Grape Seed Oils for flawlessly smooth hair that still has body and movement.Value: $33

Great Barrier Island Bee Co. Manuka Honey Intensive Hand and Nail Cream–  One ounce Travel Size.  A vitamin rich moisturizer for your hand and nails.  This Intensive Hand & Nail Cream combines many essential skin softening ingredients. Sweet Almond Oil, Royal Jelly, Manuka Honey and Vitamin E are blended to deeply nourish and repair.  I actually am pretty happy with this because I missed out on the Honey Memebox which had a great honey hand lotion in it!
Value: $6

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare- Alpha Beta Face Peel Original Formula– Foil packets aren’t very awesome to see but this is apparently a stellar product.  I’m excited to try it.  This is an at-home peel that delivers anti-aging benefits.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Lip Gloss in I Have My Honey–  I love lipgloss and can never have enough of it.  Even when I have way too much :D.  This is a shiny but not sparkly and seems fairly nude.  A hint of rosy, I suppose.  It looks lip colored.  I like it! Part treatment, part temptation, this gloss is packed with antioxidant vitamin E for antiaging benefits, plus minute pearlised particles for a richly bejeweled effect. The gloss also hydrates, nourishes and regenerates with a cocktail of botanical goodies such as sesame, neem and boswellia oils, lotus flower extract, gingko biloba and green tea.

Cattiva Waterproof Automatic Lip Pencil in Nude– This is a great pencil!  It goes on perfectly and in my opinion is the perfect color of nude.  Sometimes they’re too nude and look weird.  This also matches perfectly with the lip gloss shade I received.  Paraben free and fortified with hyaluronic acid and vitamins, this unique liner lasts all day, protects the skin and fights the effects of aging.

SmartFX SmartEye Wrinkle Lift–  A brightening eye cream that gets rid of dark circles in 60 seconds!  Well, we will see about that! I have to try this!  This is a full size product at 12ml and is horribly expensive!  When first applied, it temporarily tightens the skin to help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines, wrinkles, under-eye bags and puffiness. This formula also releases a proprietary complex of ”micro-fillers,” which work to plump, fill and firm the skin, allowing for enhanced results that last throughout the day. Translucent in color, this innovative formula helps to prime and conceal dark circles with long term youth preserving ingredients while keeping the skin looking and feeling supple and soft.
Omg, this stuff is amazing.  Absolutely amazing. I am the most skeptical of people and I didn’t think this would work in the slightest.  So, I used it.  I’m “only” 36 (but I feel like I’m still 20, I’m not sure where all the years went!) but I have some tiny lines under my eyes.  When I put this on I noticed that it’s a really nice transparent (though lightly tinted) color.  It blends in undetectably (unless you use to much).  I felt like I noticed a difference but then I couldn’t remember how my fine lines were in the first place…
I took this over to my MIL and had her try it.  She’s 58 and was willing to test it for me.  However, she was smarter than I was and she put it only under one eye.  After a half an hour she looked at me and asked if it worked.  The difference was actually noticeable!  My SIL who wasn’t even there when it was applied immediately picked out the eye it had been used on!!  Whoa!
I will definitely be using this!  I kind of want to just buy another Blush box this month in order to get another one!
Value: $60

VERDICT:  This box has a value of $160!!  Thanks mostly to the SmartEye Wrinkle Lift which I am definitely going to use.  I love everything about this box except probably the hair care because I am particularly boring when it comes to hair.  I don’t use much although I probably should.  This is a well rounded box with lip, eye, face, hair and a moisturizer all represented!  Love it!  I skipped last month because it was all hair but this month made up for missing out.