Memebox My Mask Box Review and Coupons

I’ve been slack in getting my Special My Mask Box review up!  Not because I’m not excited about it but because I have been busy trying everything so I could tell you how fun everything is!

This is the fifth mask box.  The first one I received was the third one.  This one is my second and I’m very happy with it!  You really can’t go wrong with a Mask box because there’s always going to be a little something you weren’t expecting along with the usual sheet masks.

This box was packed!  And I can’t tell you how happy I was to see some of my favorite brands!  I really have been loving the ProYou and Elizavecca products I’ve been receiving lately.  The ingredients are great and effective.

50ml- This is highly recommended for dehydrated, coarse skin. This will supply instant hydration and nutrition deep into the skin while soothing, brightening and treating fine lines.

After applying your toner, slather this on and go to sleep.  I did that.  I really like sleeping packs. This is a gel that applies smoothing and is pretty cooling on the skin.  If you live in a warm climate, you’re going to love it even more than I do.  When I woke up in the morning, my skin was plump and hydrated.  It was a little greasy around my nose but I won’t hold that too much against it.  My holy grail sleeping pack is the Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack and it never leaves me greasy (one of the reasons I love it).  This is a close second to the Lioele pack and is the first one so far to leave my skin so soft with far less greasiness than others I have tried.

The ingredients are amazing!  Sodium hyaluronate is so high on the list I can’t believe it and completely explains how my skin was so plump when I woke up.  All that moisture sinks into the skin and stays there.  The Aloe explains the coolness I felt when I first put it on and is wonderful for healing sun damaged or acne prone skin.  There’s also plenty of antioxidants in these, along with arginine which is purported to help fade dark spots.  Vitamin E is always good to see, as well as B5, peptides and ceramides.
No wonder I loved it so much!  It’s got all the things I love!  I wish they sold this in the USA Memeshop!
Value: $15

I love this brand.  Let me just get that out of the way.  I have been very pleased with the quality and concentrations of Pro You products.  This one follows right along in the footsteps of what I’ve received before.
This is a wash off mask that cleanses and hydrates.  It contains pomegranate extract (yay! Antioxidant power!), aloe for anti-inflammatory properties, sodium hyaluronate for the ultimate in moisturizing and for fun, it has some kaolin and bentonite clay!
Because of the clay it’s a weird gray color.  It smells fine and has a stranger texture than I was expecting. This mask dries up white and crinkles up and flakes off if you smile after it’s dry.  It’s supposed to help with blackheads and whiteheads but I don’t have any to practice that on.  It also has salycilic acid and triclosan and is recommended for oily skin. I’m impressed with the smoothness of my skin after I use this.
Value: $44

set of 6- These are for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines under your eyes.  I haven’t opened these yet because I have a few others I want to use of first.  I haven’t ever been super thrilled by the ingredients in Purederm products but moisturizing under your eyes is always a good thing to do.  The thin skin needs all the help it can get.
I should note that I’m very proud of Memebox for putting the entire box in.  The last few times, it seems like we would just get one or two.
Value: $6

100ml- This has a jello like texture.  I don’t know if I would call it like jello.  Although it does have a jiggle.  A very distinct jiggle that totally weirds me out! Ah!  If you stir it up, it will slowly slurp back in to a smooth surface.  It’s got collagen peptides in it but really there’s no proof (sorry collagen) that your skin can actually absorb collagen.  Still, this has other things in it!  It does have 50,000mg of collagen peptides, along with adenosine for whitening/dark spot diminishing, for those with sensitive skin it has bean fermentation filtrate which is very gentle, and it also has macadamia oil.
I used this just as a moisturizer and was happy with it but on my Instagram post, a reader mentioned she used it as a sleeping pack so I think I’m going to try that and see how it compares with the Milky Dress one.  Just for fun.  Because why not? 🙂
Value: $8

2 masks- I totally need this!  My neck was the first thing that made me realize I was actually getting old.  I still was thinking I was 25 and indestructible but my neck killed that dream for me.
I linked the official information for this patch so you can see it but it apparently has something that will reduce your neck sagginess (temporarily) better than caffeine does.  Caffeine is an anti-inflammatory and reduces puffiness which is why it’s commonly used in under eye creams.  So I can see why this might help with sagginess but it’s certainly only temporary.
In any case these have some pretty great ingredients like snail ferment filtrate, galactomycese ferment filtrate, peptides, niacinamide, along with a crapton of antioxidants!  I’m definitely going to be using these and I’m bummed theyre for necks!  I’m gonna use the extra “sauce” on my face.

PureSmile Vitamin E and Collagen Essence Masks– 5 pack!- I love you Memebox! This is a five pack of masks! Yay!  Now, it says that the choices are Mayu, Sake, Citron, Placenta, Pearl and Honey.  Except I don’t see any of those words on my masks.  I see Yuzu.  And I see pictures of lemons.  Oh, never mind.  I just looked it up.  Those aren’t lemons, they’re Yuzu fruits!  So I got a mystery type!
I used one of these tonight and it made my face feel sticky so I had to wash it afterwards.  I’m not sure I like that effect.  Luckily, I have four more to see if it was just a fluke!
Value: $5

1 mask- This mask is supposed to moisturize, soften and lift up your bust. (I’m trying not to laugh)  This can be used day or night.  It has a nourishing formula rich in vitamin C and silk amino acids.
Place the bust mask over your bust and sit there for 8 hours.
So.  I’m just gonna get this out there.  No matter how much you want this to lift your bust, it’s not gonna work 😀  I can’t find an English ingredients  list anywhere but I think this will be moisturizing and that’s about it.
Value: $6

VERDICT:  I seriously love this.  I love the fact that there are multiples of the same mask.  Love the ProYou, even if it’s a little inconvenient because of the wash off part.  I can’t wait to use the neck masks, though. Eeee!!  Fun!  This box is SO fun.  Yes, it’s even got the element of ridiculousness with the Bust Mask.  That’s part of the awesomeness of Meme box. There aren’t too many boxes where I will use all the products like this.