Barkbox December 2014 Happy Pawlidays Review + Get 10% Off!

Barkbox has it all figured out.  The December 2014 box has everything you need to make your dog happy.  My dogs didn’t want me to take pictures for this review so that they could make off with their new treats and toys.

They don’t have to wait for Christmas for their goodies.  There’s too many dogs around on Christmas Day and we don’t need them fighting over who gets the bully stick or who is going to be the one to rip the eyes out of whichever toy first.

The Cost: $29.99/month, less with a longer subscription. Get 10% off with this link!

What You Get: Every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!

This box is the Small Dog box.

Simply Fido Penguin–  This penguin has a crinkly body and no stuffing! Yay! No mess!  Bugsy loves crinkly toys and he’s been playing with this one.  Actually, he’s playing with the squeaker he found inside of it.  My dog is so weird.
Value: $12
Safemade Holiday Tartan Bandana–  This is actually too small for my dogs but that’s okay because I’m giving it to our chihuahua friend.  She’ll probably hate wearing it but that doesn’t mean she won’t look cute!
Value: $5
Quaker Elf– This is hilarious.  So, Bugsy grabbed this one first and ran off with it.  When he brought it back for me to throw for him, it was missing an arm and a leg.  Well, I found the arm and leg. Unharmed and attached as one piece.  It looks like I could put him back together again if I could shove the foot back through the armhole and pull it out the leg hole.  Right now the toy is much too slobbery.  Later, maybe.
Value: $7
Butcher’s Block Bones 6″ Trachea– A huge beef trachea.  Dexter started crying when I wouldn’t give it to him.  He has to wait.  This is made from Nebraska beef and slow roasted for ultimate dog enjoyment.
Value: $2
Polka Dog Sfizis: Lucky Duck Recipe–  I love it when we get duck treats.  Both dogs can eat them without issues.  These are little hard training treats.  I like it that they don’t crumble in your pocket. They’re also in a nice portable container, too.
Value: $6

Here are the boys being ChristmasRats.  Bugsy with Acrobat elf and Dexter reluctantly wearing the bandana (which is hanging on for dear life).

VERDICT: A perfectly pawsome holiday Barkbox!  One more great box in a long string of them. Seriously, Barkbox is famous for a reason.  They know what they’re doing and they do it well.  They remain my favorite dog box still.  Great toys, fantastic variety both in toys types and treats and wonderful customer service.  If you get a toy inappropriate for your dog (too big, too small) you can contact them and they will make it right!  What’s not to love?!
I love Barkbox because they give my dogs things I would never think of.  Like that cornucopia from last months box?  I need more of those.  My dogs LOVE those little fruits.  I’ve been getting these boxes since May and there’s only been one box that has been a little boring.  One.  That’s it.  Those are some ridiculously good boxes, I’m telling you.
At first, I didn’t get Barkbox because I thought it was too expensive and, hey, I can just buy my own dog stuff.  But Barkbox is a good deal for what you pay and it’s one less trip to the pet store.  Not only that but they get unique toys that you can’t get anywhere else.  Plus, Barkbox has supplied us with some of the most favorite toys my dogs have ever had.  Bugsy still plays with a little rubber raspberry that I never would have even looked at twice if it was hanging on the pet store shelf.  So, it’s pretty awesome and I’ll probably get a Barkbox for a long, long time.
If you’d like to try out Barkbox, you can get 10% off with my referral link.  You can also find Barkbox deals on Groupon! If you use Ebates, you’ll get $4 back on your subscription purchase at, too!