Bespoke Post Black Box Free Gift from Black Friday 2014

Just in case you haven’t got your 2014 Black Box from

Bespoke Post yet, here is what I received.

This was part of a Black Friday promotion.  I bought a Refresh box for my BIL for his Christmas gift and received this free gift as part of that purchase.

I received:

Alfred Lane Solid Cologne
Line of Trade leather cord organizer clasp
Stolen Riches shoe laces
Bittercube Blackstrap bitters
Marvis toothpaste

Oh, and a $10 gift card for Bespoke Post shop items.

It was a much smaller box than I remembered and I was little bummed to see that the same toothpaste from the Refresh box that I purchased as a gift was also in this box.  My favorite thing is the bitters!
I love bitters and these will be fun to try.  For now most of this is going into stockings.

I was lucky enough to have someone trade the burgundy colored laces away from me for their navy blue ones.  I’m just glad someone will get use of them because this is not a burgundy shoe lace kind of house. LOL!

I’m totally in love with Bespoke Post and their boxes.  They are a great subscription with fantastic products and I really like the fact that you can skip until there is something awesome that you don’t want to live without, too.  Plus, great gifts for guys!

Use code RESCUE to get 30% off your first box if you want to sign up.  You can see my review of the full box (not the freebie in this post) right here.