Five Four Club Review ~ Not Impressed, Actually. Plus Coupon Codes!

I’ve been sitting on my Five Four Club review for two months now. I has purchased a Black Friday BOGO deal for Five Four and got a December 2014 and a January 2015 shipment. My husband is sort of picky. He doesn’t like anything too fussy or too “emo” and he has very broad shoulders which makes the Euro-style fit unwearable. He also has a very slim waist which means if he gets the Large size, it’s generally a sack. His dress shirts always have to be tailored.

With that in mind, I still decided to try this subscription just for the fun of it. It’s fairly expensive at $60/month but you do receive two items. The suggested retail value of the items should add up to over $120 according to Five Four Club. Since they make all their own clothing, they can put whatever price they want on their items. I don’t have a problem with that because it’s basically paying $30 each for the items I do receive. I find that reasonable.

This is what we received in January 2015. A “Trenton” Henley shirt and a “Waring” zip up hoodie.
The total suggested retail value for these items was $150. Both items were made in China.

This is blue and black with long sleeves and a fairly large neck. We got a medium and it fit but DH didn’t like that the neckline showed so much… chest skin? Haha! I mean, I totally knew what he meant and I agree but I think that might be the style. For guys who like to show off some chest hair, maybe. 😀
It’s a cotton/polyester weave and is fairly thin. If you hold it up to the light you can see through it easily. I don’t know if that matters but there you go.

Apparently there was too much sun in the room and my photos look washed out. I’m sorry. This is actually a dark blue/black shirt. Here is the button detail on the front neckline.

In the January shipment, we also got this navy blue “Waring” hoodie. It’s a thin hoodie with faux leather piping which my husband did not like. Apparently that’s too fussy. It has some red accents as well.

I like this although I wish the zipper was a better quality. If someone was really going to pay $70 for this, I would expect a heavier gauge, smooth running zipper. There also were many loose threads and a flaw in the fabric on the back. I’ll wear it even if it is huge because my husband rejected it. 🙂

The December shipment was far more problematic.

The December shipment included a blue button down dress shirt and a pair of jeans. The dress shirt, of course, didn’t fit in the shoulders (and sleeves) but I don’t ding them for that because it was expected. I loved the jeans but was worried that they would be too fussy for DH. He did end up liking them which did work out, even though I had some issues with the quality.

The label for the jeans.

The innards and care instructions.

These are a relaxed fit jeans and the cut is great. Unfortunately, the quality is not. There were loose threads hanging everywhere. Mis-stitched areas along the side seams and the zipper area. I thought I took a picture of it but I can’t find it. The stitching in the zipper area somehow managed to cause the white inner lining of the cloth to get sewn on the outside of the crotch instead of the inside. It’s not super noticeable but it’s not a good thing.

I loved the collar on this shirt but it was too small. When I unfolded it, there was a dark brown stain on the sleeve. I have no idea how that could have gotten there (or what the heck it is!) but it meant I had to do a return. Five Four Club doesn’t accept returns, only exchanges, so I had to exchange it for the exact same thing. It was pretty easy, I printed out the paperwork they sent me and the shipping label, stuck it back in the bag it came in and dropped it off.

It did take several weeks for them to process the return and send me the new, unstained version. Again, loose threads all over, even in the new shirt. Thankfully, no stain, though.

VERDICT: Not impressed. Actually, there’s only one thing I’m holding against Five Four Club. The quality. The quality is not what you would expect for something that supposedly cost $60-$70. It is however, what I would expect from a clothing item that costs $30. I like the styles and the cuts of the items we received. I didn’t mind the pleather on the hoodie. While I wish they weren’t made in China, it seems like everything is these days. I’d give them more credit if their items were made in the USA.

So here’s what I would say to someone considering a subscription. You will receive stylish, interesting clothing items according to your style profile (which you can change as often as you like) but do not expect long-lasting quality from what you are receiving. You are getting exactly what you are paying for.

If you’d like to sign up for Five Four Club, you can do that here. You an use my referral link to get $15 off your first month. However there are also several coupon codes available: Use AFBONUS to get a free item added to your box. Use coupon code LIMITED100 to save $15 off and get a FREE limited edition Five Four x Grand AC Bomber Jacket in your first month of Five Four. Expires 2/13/17.

I’m not sure if coupons will work with the referral code but make sure you pick the best deal for yourself!