PetBox December 2014 Small Dog Box Review

This review is for the December 2015 Petbox even though it’s already January. They ship their boxes around the 26th of the month and they always take forever to get to me. This box was worth the wait, though! I’m finally back on track with this company. Somehow I ended up with repeat items several months and I was getting frustrated. It looks like that’s fixed now, though.

The Cost: This is actually a promo box worth $29.99. This option is not available on their website but you can find a similar deal here on Groupon. Otherwise, plans start at $19.99.

What You Get: This particular deal box will have 5-6 items each month and can include anything from toys and treats to dog hygiene and care products.

Old Mother Hubbard Baking Co. Jingle Jangle P-Nuttier Treats- The bag is a little behind the times but my dogs don’t care if their treats are shaped like Christmas trees. They *love* these treats. They might just love anything with peanut butter but I like these because they’re a good size reward.
Value: $3.99

PawGanics Toy Cleaner- I’ve never even heard of toy cleaner. I just put mine in the dishwasher. If I can use something that’s gone through the dishwasher, they’re probably fine, right? However, I think this is awesome and I’m going to have to use it on the inside of their Kongs just to see if it helps.
Value: $4.99

Tomlyn Opticlear Eyewash- So this is kind of silly. Why? Because it’s just purified water. Yeah, in a fancy bottle with a squirty top. I think I’d rather have saline if my dog had something stuck in his eye, quite frankly. But this could be used to clean up eye gunk. Oh. It looks like it also has Benzalkonium Chloride as a preservative.
Value: $6.99

Lucky Dog Cheese and Bacon Dog Treats- I probably wish I could eat these. Who doesn’t love cheese and bacon!? Dexter went absolutely nutty bonkers. I had set these (unopened) on the ground after I took the photo and he ran off with the bag! Stinker! So I had to tell him to “leave it” and take them away. He was such a good boy and did it immediately so I gave him a P-Nuttier treat for doing it. I learned in our obedience class that you should never give a dog something you’ve told him to “leave” so I couldn’t give him a cheese and bacon one right then. I did later.
Value: $2

Fuzzy Football- If Dexter went nuts for those treats, Bugsy did the same for this football. He sat down and cried, waiting for me to get my pictures taken so he could have it. He has a funny woof that he makes that’s not a bark and not a whine. It means “Give me my toy” or “Get me my toy, it’s stuck.”
So I made him do this:

And then let him have it. He was very happy, immediately ripped out the squeaker and ran around the house with it.
Value: $3.99

PetSafe Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble- This is maybe a little too big but I’ll use it anyway. If I want to keep someone occupied I use toys like these. Either one of my rat terriers will determinedly play until every last scrap of treat or kibble is out. I did read that while this might have a hole that is big enough to make this less of a challenge, if you put a tennis ball inside with the treats, it makes it more difficult. I’m going to do that.
Value: $9.99

VERDICT: This might be my favorite Petbox ever. The treats are flavors my dogs like, the toys are perfect and the extras are useful. Although you could probably argue that the extras aren’t really necessary. I’m just happy that four of the items are exactly the kinds of things we like to get in this house. The value of the items is more than the regular monthly price and far more than the $16 per month I paid with a year subscription and a coupon.

While Petbox and I have had some issues, I think we got it all sorted out. Between Barkbox and Petbox, I still would have to say that Barkbox is my favorite just because I love the themes and the quality I find in all their boxes. Petbox can be a little more hit or miss in that regard.
Both boxes, however, deal primarily with natural, made in the USA type treats which I really appreciate. I never want treats made in China and neither box has ever done that.

If you would like to sign up for Petbox, I suggest first checking out the Groupon Deal and seeing if that’s something you would be interested in. It’s for the $19.99 version though NOT the version I have reviewed. It’s for one that gets 2-3 items a box. The deal makes it $11.99/box which would be worth it, especially at the 3 month mark. I really have no idea why they don’t have a static $29.99 version for people to buy. The next jump is to $39.99/month for 4-6 items and that’s asking a lot.

Or you can always go Barkbox. They *do* have a $29.99 version and you can get 10% off with my referral link.