Gypsy Trading Company Snacks XL Snack Treasure Box Review and Coupon Code

Gyspy Trading Company Snacks is a new subscription box company that sends you international snacks each month.  They are based in the US and currently ship only to the continental USA.  They generously provided me with a box for review and a coupon code for new subscribers!  This review is for the XL Snack Treasure Box which is the larger box.

Currently, GTCS is specializing in snacks from the East but will be including goodies from Central and South America soon.  My box arrived in a flat rate USPS Priority Mail medium box.  It was pretty banged up but everything made it safely.  There is no information card but you can see a list of potential snacks on their website with the Snack Index.  They have a LOT of stuff.  If you like international snacks, you’ll be amazed.

The Cost: $23/month non-recurring or $32/month non-recurring for the XL box ~ Includes shipping of $3.  Lower for longer subscriptions and shipping is free after the first month.

What You Get: Hand selected assortment of chips, candies, cookies and drinks, which varies every month. The regular Snack Treasure Chest contains 8-12 items and a drink, and the XL Snack Treasure Chest contains 15-20 items including 2 drinks.