Beauteque Beauty Classics Featuring Harlot Beauty: The Oh!Honey Bag

Just as Beauteque partnered with me for my Hydration Essentials Bag, they also collaborated with Rachel from Harlot Beauty. Rachel’s bag features honey in all it’s glorious forms. You’ll fall in love with these honey products, just like I did, I’m sure of it.

Rachel has been blogging for several years and while she mainly blogs about beauty, she does dabble in the subscription boxes, as well. She also is a HUGE fan of Asian beauty products and was actually the one who got me into Memebox and my own kbeauty forays. My skin (but not my pocketbook) thanks you, Rachel!

When I heard she was going to do a Bag all about honey, I was SO excited. Rachel really knows her stuff when it comes to Asian beauty so I knew she would make fun, interesting and unique picks. And she did. This Harlot Beauty Oh! Honey Bag is perfect.

The Cost: $29 plus shipping (ships to US, Canada, Europe and several others)

What You Get: What you see here with a possible variation on the sheet mask.

Skinfood Honey and Shea Butter Hand Cream

I’m not huge on hand creams but this is a great size to slip into a small purse or clutch. This is made with honey, shea butter and also has adenosine in it. I love the Skinfood brand so I’m excited to see that it’s in this bag.
Value: $10

Skinfood Soda Fizzer in Honey Salt

These bath bombs contain sea salt and minerals and smell absolutely fantastic. I got some in the Head to Toe bag and I’m telling you, they smell so good I don’t want to use them for baths, I want to use them for air fresheners. They’re round balls with salt chunks pressed into the top and as I mentioned before… omg, they smell soooo good!!

Missha Honey Wrapping Coat Spray Mask

First, I love Missha. Second, I love honey. And third, what crazy product is this?! The name gives no good indication of how unique this product is. It’s a spray mask? Actually, I’d say no to that. Because this is not a mask like you would think. You don’t wash it off and you don’t peel it off.
The instructions say to spray it on after your toner but I really didn’t want to spray it all over myself and hair so I sprayed it onto my hand and then applied it that way. I massaged it in a bit but if you spray it, you won’t even have to do that. It soaks into your skin and leaves it so soft either way.
It contains 5% honey extracts and uses glycerin as the primary moisturizer. It’s got a really interesting texture when you spray it. Almost like a jelly but not quite. I don’t know, I can’t explain it but I like it! It’s just one of those interesting, slightly crazy kbeauty things you come across!
Value: $16

Holika Holika Honey Canola Sleeping Pack

The first ingredients are Water, Honey, Brassica Campestris Extract and Glycerin. It took me some hunting but apparently Brassica Campestris is also known as Rapeseed which is what canola oil is made out of. This is sticky and has a slightly floral/soap scent to it. But the benefits of honey and the moisturizing goodness of canola and glycerin help leave your skin soft and clear. The antibacterial properties of honey will really benefit acne prone skin, too. Wash your face and apply this after your toner. I did not wear it overnight (uh, lets save my pillows and sheets… this stuff is sticky, I’d wake up with lint and dog hair stuck to my face!) but twenty minutes (actually, it might of been longer, I tend to lose track of time) did the trick. Wash it off and enjoy your soft skin! I then applied the rest of my nightly routine (serum, essence, lotion and moisturizer).
Value: $18.50

Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment

This is a squeezy tube with an angled applicator. The lip treatment is a clear gel that contains 40% honey extract. Because of this it’s sticky and also delicious. I think I lick my lips more than I should when I’m using this. It’s got a fair amount of shine. Not crazy shine but just the kind I like. It’s not actually a lip gloss, it’s actually a treatment and if you’ve got chapped lips, this is going to help a lot with healing those poor lips up.
Value: $9

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Manuka Honey Mask/Holika Holika Ceramide + Honey Sheet/TheFaceShop Honey Mask- Sheet masks with honey? Yes. Give me all of them. I got the Innisfree and the Holika Holika. You will receive two of the three. They are all honeytastic and chosen by Rachel for their awesomeness.
Value: $4


This bag was bound to be a hit because pretty much anything with honey makes me happy. I think the Missha Wrapping Mist is my favorite thing. Or the lip treatment. But the Honey Canola Sleeping pack did leave my skin nice and soft… Hm… I like it all! Rachel did a great job with her curation and I can’t wait for her next one!

You can read more about these products and enter Rachel at Harlot Beauty’s Giveaway here!

If you would like to purchase this bag, it actually sold out in twenty minutes but you have an option to preorder one. The contents won’t arrive for 4 weeks because everything comes from Korea and Beauteque has to order more stock.

The bag is $29 but there’s a code LUCKY2 that will give you $2 off. If you spend $35, you’ll get free shipping so it might be worth it to you to find something to add to your cart to bring your total up.

What do you think of this bag?

It’s got a great array of products which is so nice to see. I can’t wait til people try the Wrapping Mist. I want to hear thoughts on that!