BoCandy March 2015 Review ~ Get Candy Delivered!

Bocandy is an international snack and candy subscription. Each month you will get a box sent to your door containing goodies from all over the world. They’ve recently revamped how things work and you can sign up in increments of four, six or eight months or start a month to month subscription with your first month being free.

The candies used to arrive in a mailing envelope but now they’ve got their own box. This means less worrying about smushed snacks. There’s lots of chocolate in this months box. I’m not a connoisseur of international snacks and candies but I like finding new interesting one (as long as there is no seaweed involved).

The Cost: $15/month

What You Get: Six or more candies and snacks from anywhere in the world.

Mirage Bubbly Milk Chocolate-This is a milk chocolate candy bar with little air pocket bubbles inside. I think it’s from Switzerland but the label also says Canada on it. The chocolate isn’t very good but I don’t like chocolate much unless it’s dark so I’m a bad judge.

Freia Melkerull-These are solid milk chocolate disks from Norway. Just chocolate. In bite size rounds. Since I’m not a fan of milk chocolate, these didn’t interest me much.

Daim Crunchy Caramel Candy Bar-Okay, now this was tasty. It’s from Sweden and basically a Heath bar. But maybe tastier. I feel like it has something else in there that gives it a good caramelly taste. Yum!

Monster Money- These would be super cute for a kid and since they’re edible, I had to open them up and at least try them. They taste like cardboard! They might be edible but I don’t imagine that anyone would ever really want to! It’s like chewing thick paper.

Tunnock’s Caramel-This is a wafer cookie stick from Scotland. It’s covered in chocolate and has several layers of wafer and caramel inside. Unfortunately mine was not sealed so it’s quite stale. Which is a bummer because I totally would have eaten it.

Hi-Chew-I think these are from Japan. I like these and I think my dad used to bring these home from his Japan trips in rolls. Well, square rolls. They’re a pretty waxy chew but they sort of grow on you.

Milkita Milkshake Candy- These are strawberry and melon soft chew candies. They have pretty good flavor but I didn’t care for the creamy taste/flavor. Just give me straight melon or strawberry.

VERDICT: This has a good number of countries represented which is nice. I think it’s a little to chocolate heavy but that could be because I don’t like chocolate. These are all sweets and I’d like to see some salty snacks, too. If you got this box, please make sure to eat the Melkerull first because they (mine, at least) expire May 15, 2015. I feel the value for this particular box is low and there could have been one more significant treat included to hit the price paid mark. I also don’t like seeing snacks with such a close pull date. However, if you like international candy, Bocandy does a good job at providing snacks from all over the world.

If you’d like to sign up for Bocandy, you can do that here. The sign up process is through Paypal and if you sign up for a month to month, your first month will be free and your second will start at the $15 mark. You will need to stay for the second month in order to get your first month. The way their cancellation system works means you will be charged for your second month before the first box is shipped. So you will get a free box but you will also be paying the $15 for the second month, too. In other words, no cancelling just for the free box.

The nice thing is that when you do decide to cancel, it’s all taken care of in Paypal. I always appreciate it when it’s easy to cancel. Being forced to make a phone call irks me so much. I don’t mind emailing but it’s one more thing to keep track of. With Bocandy, you’ll have none of these issues!