OuiPlease February 2015 Review ~ France at your Doorstep

OuiPlease is one of my most luxe subscriptions.  At $150 a pop, they’re expensive but I ended up purchasing a one year subscription with a 20% off coupon code and I’m glad I did.  It was a big chunk upfront but this box is way too much fun to resist.

If you love France, you’re going to love this box.  OuiPlease sends authentically French products by French designers, companies and makers.  It’s truly finding France at your doorstep.  The box itself is not just a box, it’s a keepsake.  Heavy duty with a pebbled exterior and a ribbon to hold the lid, you can use this for just about anything.

The Dreaming of Normandie theme is curated with the best products Normandie has to offer.  I’ve never been to Normandie but if this box is an indication of what kinds of things you find there, I think I want to go.

The Cost: $150/bi-monthly

What You Get: A unique selection of full sized French products. Enjoy a different region of France with every delivery. In addition to all of the hand-selected gifts, your parcel will include the latest issue of our own “Et Voila” magazine. Explore deliciously simple French recipes, exclusive interviews, style tips, lifestyle pieces, and discover the full range of current products that were distributed across America.

Zadig & Voltaire Scarf– This is a ready to wear fashion label with a mix rebel and bohemian.  This scarf is blue with sections of lighter and darker green.  It’s absolutely stunning.  It’s 100% Modal, thin and filmy, with distressed edges.  It is huge but drapes perfectly because it’s so thin and airy.  I think this is the best, most beautiful scarf I’ve ever owned.
Value: $175

Florence de la Peschardiere Necklace– Florence is a native of Normandie and she has been creating jewelry for nearly twenty years.  The necklace is made of beads, metal loops and stone.  Mine is silver and gray with white stones. It is so interesting! It’s basically one long strand with a center pendant stone.  Then ends are not a clasp but polished stones.  The clasp is located in the middle of the lengths between the pendant stone and the end of the necklace.  One side has the clasp and the other the tiny loop to connect it.  Then you can either pull the dangling ends in front of your body OR leave them hanging down your back.  Perfect for a backless dress or top.  Sooo sexy that way.  Since connecting the clasp makes the necklace somewhat short, you can forgo the clasp and just loop the chain around your neck and adjust to where you want the pendant to lay.  With this way you’ll have to have the ends in front.  Does any of that make sense?  This is very beautiful.
Value: $60

Ripauste by Paul Stephan Leather Bracelet– This is Italian leather, soft like butter and quite the statement piece.  I love the dark red color, too.  This is my favorite thing in the box, I think.  I wore this to the store today and the cashier commented on it.  It’s so cool looking from any angle.  Love.
Value: $35

Le Dernier Sou Keychain– This keychain is made with old French coins that are no longer in production.  I actually really like this and will put it on my keychain as soon as I’m done with the review and photos.  These are handmade, too.
Value: $25

Charly James Gold-Plated Earrings– Charly James is a French jewelry designer who works with leather, gold and precious stones.  These have gold plated “claws” that clasp a piece of black leather and a piece of textured yellow leather together.  They are very statement peice-y and look quite glorious in person.  I don’t wear gold much these days but I’m going to have to make an exception for these.  I tried them on and didn’t want to take them off.
Value: $50

Sothys Paris Black Mascara– Sothys seems to be the go-to Paris brand for cosmetics.  I don’t mind because I like Sothys.  I received Sothys in my last box (and was admittedly peeved to get two nearly identical products) but that was skincare.  This time around it’s makeup.  I can always use black mascara, though it may take me awhile to get to it.
Value: $26

Nominoe Foam Face Cleanser–  This is made in Brittany that uses rare, organic ingredients from the northwest region of France.  It’s definitely got an herby smell but with a pH of 5, I’m totally using it.
Value: $20

Talika Paris Eye Contouring Gel– I don’t know if I’ll use this but its for reducing dark circles, puffiness and fine lines around your eyes.  It’s basically a moisturizer and I should probably try it just because it’s authentically French.
Value: $50

Hediard Paris Salted Butter Caramels– Okay, forget the caramels, the metal tin is to die for!  I don’t like salted caramels but I like the tin so much.  Oh, wait.  No.  These caramels are delicious.  Ohhh… the chewy, buttery goodness!  Not too salty at all! Pure perfection!  Omg. Yum.  *eats another one* Oooh, my mom would love these.  I have to save some for her.
Value: $25

Palais des Thes Orange Blossom Tea– I have received this brand in another box.  Try the World, I think.  It’s wonderful tea.  It’s individually wrapped and in a little cotton mesh teabag.  So cute!
Value: $15

VERDICT:  What a delightful box!  I had so much fun opening this and discovering everything I was sent.  The fact that they’re all authentically French just adds spice to the awesomeness.  I’m happy with everything I received.  The scarf… Oh, the scarf is just… elegant.  So flowy and beautiful.  I love the red leather and edgy design of the Ripauste bracelet.  The earrings are much more exotic than I’m used to but I can’t help loving the way they look on.  The Hediard caramels are addictive and I liked getting a piece of French history on the Le Dernier Sou keychain.

I love getting accessories!  I’m hoping that in future boxes there might be some home items.  I think there is such a great variety in these boxes.  I’m so glad I’m subscribed for a year.  Even better that I’m “only” paying $87 a box because I purchased a year with a 20% off coupon.  It is still expensive but it’s such a wonderful treat.  This box had a value of $480 using retail prices for the items included. Wow!

If you’d like to try OuiPlease for yourself, this box (Dreaming of Normandie) is sold out and they are now selling the April box with the theme of “A Breath of Provence.”  I bet there’s lavender it it (dang it!!  I hate my allergies!) and its going to be glorious.  Try code ouiprovence for 20% off!  It’s a code type with a limited number of uses rather than an expire date.

Sign up at www.ouiplease.com!