The Tiki Box Hawaiian Snack Subscription and Giveaway!

The Tiki Box sends Hawaii’s favorite snacks to your door.  This review is for the March 2015 box and I believe this is the inaugural box!  Since I seem to be the self-designated snack box queen, resistance was futile.  Then when I received the box, I didn’t resist at all.  You’ll see why when you see what I got.

The box arrived with an info card which was perfect because some of the treats didn’t have packaging that allowed me to discern what they were.  Also awesome?  The ingredient lists are included!

The Cost: $15/month.

What You Get:  Get 8-10 of Hawaii’s favorite snacks, treats and candies sent to your door each month.

The Tiki Box might be one of my favorite international-type snack boxes I’ve ever received.  I don’t really like it when they’re too crazy.  I want to enjoy what I get, not gross out over and over.   But who could ever say no to macadamia nuts?  Or chocolate?  Or salty Japanese snack crackers?  I love salty Japanese snack crackers.  All of them.  I’m not sure what that says about me except that I think crunchy and salty are delicious…

Mauna Loa Milk Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts– If every box has a bag of macadamia nuts, I would be so happy.  I mean, Hawaii is famous for them so what better thing to get in every box, right?  These are, of course, wonderful.  I shared one.  I’m selfish like that.

Hawaiian Host Maui Caramacs–  This is a chocolate covered caramel with macadamia nuts stuffed inside.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, Hawaiian Host uses inferior chocolate and this did not taste very good.  I’ve always preferred Mauna Loa over Hawaiian Host and this just reiterated my belief.

Island Princess Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts– Faaabulous!  These were so good!  I don’t know that I’ve had honey roasted macadamia nuts before but I think I’m hooked now.  I’ve got to find a way to get more.  Crunchy perfection with a thin, crackly honey coating.  Yum!

Glico Pretz Salad Sticks– Aren’t these the same people that make Pocky sticks?  I love those.  These say they are salad flavored.  I better try these because I don’t know how a lettuce flavored stick would even taste.  Okay.  These look like unchocolated Pocky sticks and they taste nothing like lettuce or salad.  You know what they remind me of?  Those buttery Club crackers by Keebler.  They’re so good.  I’m trying really hard to save some for later but I don’t think I’m going to make it.

Hong Yuan Guava Hard Candy–  Little green guava flavored hard candy balls.  Very sweet and tasty.

Li Hing Mui Drops–  These are hard candies with plum centers.  I… Hm.  These were weird.  So you would think that a plum would be sweet but for some reason the center of this was ridiculously salty with the sweet outward coating.  Ehh… Not good. I spit it out.

Wasabi Peas–  I hate, despise and abhor wasabi.  We went to Japan and my brother in law gave me a piece of sushi that he promised had no wasabi in it.  I believed him and popped it in my mouth.  I’m pretty sure I nearly died.  We were at a really nice sushi place underground that had walled, separate booths for each customer.  Every table was it’s own little room.  And thank goodness for that because I tried so hard to swallow that piece of wasabi soaked sushi but I couldn’t do it with my gag reflex acting up.  I had to divest myself of the sushi into a cloth napkin.  Thankfully no one saw me except my husband and his brother.
In other words, I did not eat these or even open them.  I do want to say that this same brand also makes garlic peas that are pure heaven.  In fact, I have a bag of these little packages of the garlic peas in my pantry.

Shelly Senbei Rice Crackers– These taste like seaweed so I didn’t eat them but my husband loves sushi and seaweed and he ate them and asked if I had more.  I didn’t but there was two big crackers in the bag.

Enjoy Arare Japanese Soy Crackers– Soy sauce crackers to be exact.  I think they are sesame crackers with a glossy soy sauce coating.  That kind.  And yeah, gone.  I opened them and shared half with my husband because I felt bad about hoarding the other goodies.  Crunchy, salty goodness.

VERDICT:  I was honestly really curious about what kinds of treats would be sent in The Tiki Box.  I know that Hawaii does tend to have Asian influences and I would expect some Filipino and Japanese snacks to make their way into the box.  I’m glad that Japanese snacks did because I tend to like their snacks. I’m quite serious about not minding getting macadamia nuts in every box.  Seems like there are a lot of types that could be included and it’s one of those things I would never mind repeats of.

What do you think of The Tiki Box?  I think this is an excellent box and I can’t believe they’re shipping it all from Hawaii for $15.  It might be a little on the high side but the curation is good and the snack variety is excellent.  I’m thinking I might need to get another month.

You can sign up for The Tiki Box right here.

Today is your lucky day!  The Tiki Box is giving one lucky winner their own chance to taste and try all the snacks in their April Box!  Available to residents of all 50 US states.*Void where prohibited. Enter responsibly, winning entries will be verified.  Prize fulfillment is the sole responsibility of The Tiki Box.  Winner must respond within 36 hours or a new winner will be chosen.  Winner must be willing to provide full name and shipping address in order to receive their prize.  Rules are subject to change without notice if I forgot something.