Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style April 2015 Review

I am so happy with my Box of Style for April 2015 by Rachel Zoe and The Zoe Report! I haven’t been this excited to write a review in awhile. I’m so happy I was able to get one of these before they sold out and went on a waitlist.

While Rachel Zoe isn’t someone I’ve paid much attention to over the years, I really wanted a fashion box. Beauty is awesome and all but there comes a time in every subscription box addicts life when you need to branch out a bit. While Rachel Zoe’s personal style isn’t my favorite I love how she styles her stars. So it was a chance but she has good taste so I’m thrilled by these contents.

The Cost: $100/quarterly

What You Get: At least five products worth over $300 in fashion, beauty and lifestyle carefully curated by Rachel Zoe and her team.

The Box of Style arrived in a nice sturdy box and every item was wrapped like a gift. The included information card includes a note from Rachel Zoe and a description of each item along with beauty and styling tips for each one. There are also coupon codes included for future purchases from the companies included.

Miansai  Modern Screw Cuff– This is the “Hero Item” in the box.  It was also the first spoiler. It is so much more gorgeous that I was expecting. It’s 14k gold-plated solid brass and has “Miansai” engraved on one side.

It’s so dainty and yet (for me) has a little bit of edge to it. I don’t own anything even remotely similar and I adore it.
It really does unscrew so you can put it on. It’s two pieces and hopefully I never lose the screw bar!
I was worried about whether I would like it but I haven’t taken it off since I put it on.

I think that it might be a little small. I have small wrists (5.25″ circumference) and it’s a little loose with no chance of it turning on my wrist. For larger wrists, it might be tight.

If you are totes jelly and you want one of these or if you love the Miansai brand, use code MiansaiZoe155 for 15% off your purchase on their website.
Value: $200

TOMS Traveler Sunglasses– Okay. So. I am totally in love with these sunglasses. I live in Seattle and so sunglasses are only needed for about three months out of the year so it’s easy to lose them. I refuse to lose these. These have the BEST SHAPE ever! They are my favorite shape and look faaabulous on my face (not because I’m awesome but because the sunglasses have the perfect shape). Normally I go for aviators but these are fantastic. They’re made out of some kind of weird rubbery substance called “SOLAFLEX cellulose.” They’re super flexible and are made to be durable and last forever. I think they’ll even survive being sat on! The ones I received have TOMS-blue tips on the earpiece part.
Also arriving with the sunglasses, was a floral case that snaps shut like those old slap bracelets that used to be so popular when I was 12. I like it!
Plus with each pair purchased, TOMS gives a pair of glasses to someone in need.  If you want your own pair or you’ve been coveting another TOMS style, use code TOMSRACHELZOE15 for $15 off orders of $85 or more.
Value: $68

Zoya Nail Polish Trio in Haley, Zoe and Chantal– The “Zoe” color was created by Rachel Zoe and Zoya and is an Opal color. It’s shimmery and beautiful and is my favorite of the bunch.  The beauty tips suggest layering a coat of Zoe over the Chantal to get an opalescent-nude shade. Haley is a true red and beautiful.
I’m definitely going to try the Zoe over Chantal tip because that sounds gorgeous. This also came in a super cute, magnetic-closure box that I can put to good use as well.
Value: $30
Bristols Six Styling Tape– I’ve been needing styling tape for awhile now but I never remember when I’m out. And this is far nicer than any kind I would have purchased. This has 2 tri-fold pages of different size double-sided sticky strips. It’s going to last forever! Now I just need to dress up and use it! It’s in a textured black envelope which makes it easy to stash unobtrusively in your bag for unexpected times you may need it.
Style suggestions include using it at your shoulders and cleavage when wearing a billowy top, keep your bra straps in place by taping them to your shirt so they don’t flaunt themselves or keep a bangle or ring in place if your jewelry is a little too big.
Value: $10

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara– This is a full size Tarte mascara and Rachel Zoe says its one of her favorite formulas for mascara. I haven’t tried this one yet although I do have a sample of it waiting for use. I currently am sporting extensions so I can’t use this right away. If you want to shop at Tarte, use code TARTEZOE for 20% off (expires 4/21).
Value: $20

VERDICT: Swoonworthy! I am so glad I managed to snag one of these. I love the overall box content theme, it feels like a date night preparation box, Hollywood style (with sunnies!). The bracelet is so beautiful, I really love it and I couldn’t ask for a better pair of durable sunglasses. So those two things are sort of exotic and fun but there’s also the practical side with mascara, styling tape and nail polish. The overall value is ridiculous. Over $300 worth of quality products for $100. There is nothing about this box that feel cheap or “filler.” This is a box that I feel is worthy of it’s high price tag. It’s expensive but I feel the contents are special, useful and thoughtful. I can’t wait for the next one!

If you want to sign up, the Summer box goes on sale on April 9th at 12pm PST. Last time, it actually became available for purchase at midnight (I stayed up) but now they’ve put a time on it. The Summer box will ship on July 1st.  Annual subscribers get their boxes shipped first.  You can sign up for the wait list right now, though. I don’t know if that automatically gets you in or if it means you’ll get an email ahead of time or what but you should do that, too.