The Day I Turned into Gollum and How My Garden Grows

So yesterday, in the morning, I didn’t know I was actually related to Gollum. You know… that spidery, creepy guy from Lord of the Rings who runs around talking to himself and saying “My preciousssss” in disturbing ways?

By noon, I suddenly became Gollum the Younger. I already talk to myself but somehow I managed to rip my fingernail off. My left index finger became “my Precious” in the blink of an eye. I pride myself on the fact that I did not scream but in reality I became a hunched over, hissing shadow clutching desperately to my last vestige of humanity.

I could go into the gory details but I’d rather you kept down whatever meal you just ate. And trust me, thinking about it will make you cross your legs like you’re 8 years old doing the potty dance. Or at least that’s what it does to me.
Instead I’m dealing with the difficulty of typing, washing my hair with one hand and embarrassing myself in public when I accidentally bump it and nearly pass out.
So yes, my entire being is now curled around protecting my finger, my Preciousssss. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced pain so excruciating. I went into shock and had to hobble outside to get my husband to do the bandage because I was shaking so much. I mean, I’m sure things hurt worse (tell me! make me feel better!) but wow.

And on that depressing note, I’m putting up some photos of my garden to make me feel better and get your mind away from blood and guts. Urgh.

Starting with my Red Pygmy Dogwood! I am so in love with this tree! Its called a Pygmy because it will only get about 10ft high. It’s Red because it has super dark pink flowers. The darkest I’ve seen and they’re huge and gorgeous.

My front yard corner with the dogwood and daylilies, the white is Candytuft. The big green plant is Victorian Lilac, it’ll be blooming in about a month with little purple flowers. Please ignore the shabby edge! The lawn edging is happening tomorrow but I needed a little happiness right now. To take my mind off things.

The front facing the house. The sprawling yellow thing is Lonicera Nitida Lemon Beauty, then there are daylilies and hydrangeas. I love my japanese maple in the Inner Garden. Ooh, the Inner Garden apparently gets capital letters now. 😀

This is my Flying Dragon plant just starting to get it’s leaves, It’s actually supposed to be blooming right about now but it never has for me. It’s pretty young though. But check out those thorns! They are hard core.

Mexican Orange! This is an evergreen shrub that I love. I need more. It’s blooming and it smells so good. Very delicately scented. I just love the color and leaf shape. And being evergreen, it adds to the landscape all year long.

Mmm… Heuchera! I used to hate heuchera but they are pretty essential to a shade garden. I’ve got several colors now. This might be named Caramel but I’m too lazy to check.

Another heuchera. See what I mean about color? In dark spots, these are nice to have. So I had to get over my hatred of their ugly “flowers.” They’re not blooming so you can’t see but they’re not pretty. I think all the pretty goes into the leaves and I’m okay with that. This one probably has a name like Midnight Assassin or something.

Ah. My Fire Island hosta. This is pretty rare and by that I mean if you want one you have to buy it online. It’s got these fabulous electric green leaves and dark red stems. I love this one. It’s getting pretty big, too. I just got it last year and it’s definitely happy.

Alright. Enough plants.

I have so many reviews I need to write but they take forever without an index finger. I constantly am having to backspace to fix all my mistakes. Hopefully it heals up quick. Now, however, I know why they used pulling fingernails as a medieval torture. Ugh. Ow.

But I must get some work done because tomorrow is the beginning of the last week of my Memebox giveaway and it’s a good one! Whee!