Loot Crate June 2015 Theme and Coupon Code

The June 2015 theme is CYBER! No, not that kind. It’s all about robots and cyborgs! Expect to see Borderlands, Terminator Genisys and a T-shirt this month! And who doesn’t love tech-themed collectibles?!
I always like getting a T-shirt since it automatically makes the month worth it. There’s only been one that hasn’t gone over well with DH and that was the Halloween skull made out of cats. That was okay because I got it in girl size so it’s mine. I don’t mind wearing a black shirt with a white skull on it. Even if it is made of cats.

So, grab your favorite hot pocket (mine are Pepperoni) and a can of Mountain Dew (or Dr. Pepper is my fave) and go. Use code to get $3 off your first box. I think that makes it $16.99 or something.