Memebox Honey Pot #beemine Box Review and Coupon Codes

When I saw a Honey Box on the Memebox website, you bet I snagged that baby. I love honey products! While Memebox is no longer sending the more outlandish skincare products, they have been expanding their brand catalog and I knew that several of them have some excellent honey lines.

Update: This box has been restocked!

Memebox is not a subscription based box company. You can buy as many or as few boxes as you want based on whether you like the theme or not. They are still essentially mystery boxes because you don’t know what you will get until they arrive and you open them. Or you read a spoiler. 🙂

The Cost: $29

What You Get: A mystery collection of Korean skincare and beauty products based on a theme.

Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack in Acerola– Finally! Finally I get the Acerola version! This is a nice sleeping pack. I’m using the Canola version right now. I like to slather it on at night and it’s kind of sticky that way. If I just put a thin layer, it’s fine, no stickiness but I always feel that a sleeping pack should go on thick. 😀 Just me. You have to rinse it off anyway in the morning. Might as well make it worth it.
This is made with 40% acerola honey (honey is the second ingredient in this!) and has some antioxidants in the form of acerola fruit extracts. Since honey has some antibacterial and antiseptic benefits, I think honey can be beneficial to those with troubled skin.
Value: $14

Holika Holika Be the Natural Honey Oatmeal Body Cleanser– This is a whopping bottle of shower gel. Too bad the honey is the tenth ingredient! I’ll use it anyway, though, because I think body wash is a good addition to the box.
Value: $8

Secret Key Honey Bee’s AC Control Soap– This soap contains bee venom, tea tree oil and salicylic acid. I’ll use this in the shower, too. It’s technically for your face but I can spread the wealth. 🙂
Value: $7

Skin79 Honey Moisture Sheet Mask– This uses honey extract, olive oil and sweet almond oil to moisturize and protect your skin.
Value: $2

Skinfood Honey Pot Lip Balm– This is SO cute! And so impractical at the same time. There’s a little wooden “spoon” to dip in the pot and use to spread on your lips but it’s really not that effective. It’s round. I wish it tasted like honey. It’s not sticky in the slightest and provides a pretty nice sheen. I think I may have gotten it on a little too thick but hey… It’s adorable.
Value: $9

VERDICT: Well, it’s not much of a deal since the box contents are worth $40 and I paid $29 but the contents are fun. I like the lip balm even if it is impractical and I will definitely use the body wash. I don’t really get a lot of body wash in boxes. I’m happy to finally have the version of the Holika Holika Sleeping pack that I’ve wanted. It will have to wait till I finish my current jar but it’s a good product. I found an incomplete ingredient list for the AC Soap though and it looks like it has lavender in it. I hate allergies. They really cramp my skincare style, I must say. But if I use it on “not my face” then it might not be an issue.

If you’d like to find a Memebox for yourself, this Honey one is currently sold out but they just released two more: Memebox ToolBox and Memebox No Makeup #naturalbeauty Box. There’s a bunch more, too. You can see them all on this page.

Make SURE you use a coupon! Why pay full price when you don’t have to?! Use code ENJOY to get 15% off your purchase. And take a look at my Memebox Deals page to see a list of all the available coupons.