MunchPak May 2015 International Snack Box Review

MunchPak¬†is a subscription box that sends international snacks to your door each month. I was sent the MunchPak Mini in April and loved it so much I had to subscribe for a regular box to see if I would love it just as much. My conclusion is that the Mini works better for me but only because the regular MunchPak has SO much stuff, it’s going to take me forever to get through it all.

While the Mini came in an bubble envelope, this MunchPak came in a sturdy box with very happy artwork on it. Inside were twelve (!!!) snacks from all over the world. Twelve! That’s a lot of snacks.

The Cost: $19.95/month for the Original MunchPak, $9.95/month for the MunchPak Mini and $39.95/month for the FamilyPak

What You Get: The Original MunchPak contains 10+ snacks. The MunchPak Mini contains 5-6 full size snacks from around the world and the FamilyPak has 20+ snacks.

Potato Chips Pho Flavored– Actually I think these were called something like Garlic Oyster but basically they taste just like Pho. They got eaten pretty quickly by DH and I no longer have the bag to confirm what the real flavor is.

Gullon Chocolate Maria– This is a full size package of chocolate cookies. They taste kinda like a drier, thinner Oreo. They’re from Spain.

Achva Sesame Halva– This halva is from Israel and is vanilla flavored. It crumbled to bits in my fingers what was not what I expected it to do. I expected it to be… harder, I think. It has a strange after taste like stale sesame seeds. I mean, I love sesame seeds (especially toasted) but not when they’re stale. Hm. Not my favorite.

Solen Chocolove– These are rolled wafer cookies dipped in chocolate. They’re made in Turkey. Mine were slightly crushed. They’re very sweet and have a little chocolate filling (it’s not much but it’s there). Shockingly they were too sweet for me.

Mui-Bon– It’s like wafer city up in this box! This is another rolled wafer dipped in chocolate but with hazelnut filling and some chopped nuts dotting the outside. These are made in Mexico. Not as sweet and the hazelnut filling is pretty tasty. Still sweet but not as much as the Chocoloves.

Kinder Happy Hippo in Cacao– Aww. My poor happy hippo… He got completely squished in the box somehow. Completely squooshed. He’s no longer a hippo, he is just a mess. ūüôĀ

Balconi Wafers in Hazelnut– Remember what I said about wafers?! Haha! This wafer is from Italy. And while I was hunting down the country of origin I realized that this is expired. 4/27/15. I totally tried it anyway and it tastes just like it should. No stale wafers. But also, yuck. I don’t like this version of hazelnut.

Cremino Hazelnut Wafers– Wow. It’s a Hazelnut wafer cookie… Are you surprised? This one actually is like a HandiSnack. Do they still make those? One of these snack boxes need to put HandiSnacks in if they do. Just because. Anyway, this has two plain wafers and a separate pocket for hazelnut dip. Extract wafer, dip into hazelnut sauce and enjoy. I’m a little hazelnutted out at this point so I’m not trying it.

Canasta Guayaba Cookies– Shortbread cookies from Mexico with jelly centers. I’m too full to try these but I bet they’re tasty. At least they’re different…

Mincher Lemon Wafer– A lemon wafer! At least it’s not hazelnut. This is either lemon or lime flavored. It says lemon but shows a lime so who knows. I don’t know because I tasted it and the lemon/lime part is so thin that it’s impossible to taste. Who wants to just eat wafer? Not me.

Get Up and Go Caffeinated Chocolate Chip Cookie– I’ve been wanting to try these ever since I saw their campaign to get into a Loot Crate. They’re kinda meh. Well, they *are* packed with chocolate chips.

Haribo the Smurfs– So apparently Haribo makes Smurf gummies. I had no idea. I just thought they did regular gummies and the gold bears. These are as tasty as the gold bears even if they are Smurf shaped.

VERDICT: Well! There’s a lot of chocolate involved in this MunchPak but it’s fun to get little treats from all over. I do like that they included a full size roll of cookies and a full size bag of Haribo gummies, too. The Sesame Halva is also a pretty huge bar even if I didn’t like it. And since I got all this for $15 with a coupon, it’s even more fun.
I can’t tell if it was supposed to be Hazelnut Month because there is no information card. This particular box was a little too ‘one note’ for me with all the wafer¬†+ hazelnut. You’ve got to have an adventurous spirit to get a box of international candies and snacks, I must say. Mine isn’t super adventurous and I really liked the MunchPak Mini better. It’s cheaper and while you’d think there’d be less room for variety, there in fact actually was more. So I won’t get another regular but you know the Mini will call to me again sooner or later.

If you want to sign up for MunchPak, they have several different subscriptions available. For extra money you can customize it to include (or not) certain types of products. Use the code MOMPAK (if it still works) to get $5 off your first box. Or use INSTA3 for $3 off or SNACKIN for $2 off.