Skoshbox Sample Box and DEKABox Japanese Snack Review and Giveaway!

I’m really excited to be sharing Skoshbox with you! Skoshbox is a subscription that sends Japanese snacks to your door every month. And I’m not going to lie… Of all the international snacks, Japan has the best (in my opinion). They really go all out with some of their candies.

Skoshbox has two sizes: Skosh (little) and Deka (big). The Skoshbox is packed with sample size snacks and the DEKAbox has full size snacks. You’ll always get 8-11 snacks in each box. The DEKAbox includes a different assortment of larger items and DIY kits and you can pay an extra $2 to get an accessory added to your box! Omg… It’s like Skoshbox has the key to my heart!This review is going to be a little long because it’s for BOTH boxes so you’ll get the best idea of which one you can’t live without. THEN hang on to the very end because Skoshbox is giving away one of these exact DEKAboxes to one of you lucky readers!! Yes! So… read on, of course.

The Cost: $12/month for Skoshbox, DEKAbox is $24/month

What You Get: Japanese snacks and candies!
First up is the original Skoshbox. In this box, you’ll receive 8-11 sample and snack sized Japanese snacks. You’ll also get a coupon to use if you want to buy more of a snack you found in your box and loved. Skoshbox has a shop chock full of Japanese goodies. You should probably check it out even if you don’t get a box.
Every box comes with an information card that describes everything you are getting and has all the ingredient lists. That is something that I have not seen any other international snack subscription do and I think it’s wonderful that they do it.
Your sample-sized Skoshbox can contain anything from candies to cookies, crackers to chocolates and all kinds of flavors. Don’t be surprised to see some limited edition flavors either. Skoshbox works hard to get some of the newest snacks on the market
Nagisa Arare Rice Crackers– I love rice crackers so I nommed these babies right down. They taste like rice crackers should and they’re salty and delicious.

Tirol Variety Chocolates– I got strawberry jelly and chocolate almond but I haven’t tried them yet.

Doraemon Bubblegum– This is a pack of soda flavored bubble gum. It’s sort of sour. I chewed a blue one but beats me what kind of soda it could have been. It’s sorta like Fruit Stripe gum where the flavor doesn’t last long.
Oreo Mont Blanc Cake– That appears to mean Chestnut Cream. Now that I read that I think I better go open this up… It tastes… kinda like coffee. The inside, I mean. It’s pretty tasty.

Sumy Yaki Coffee Candy– These taste exactly like coffee! Wait… better than coffee since there’s no acidic aftertaste.

Anpanman Corn Rings– These were really tasty. They reminded me of something the whole time I was snacking on them. Kix, maybe?
DIY Choco-Banana Kit– SO FUN! I love Japenese DIY candy kits and this was seriously adorable. Little banana, squishy, chewy candies were dipped in chocolate and then in sprinkles. And it tasted just like banana popsicles.

I had way too much fun with this. And that is probably the pinnacle of perfection in a snack box. What more could I ask for?

More snacks!

And that’s where DEKAbox comes in.
The DEKAbox sends 8-11 full size snacks. For $2 more you can get a small accessory added to your package as well. This month’s is definitely kawaii! There will be some overlap between boxes but not much. You could technically get both boxes and get allthesnacks. You’ll see what I mean.
Pocky Cookies and Cream– I *adore* Pocky sticks. I wouldn’t care if every Japanese snack box ever had Pocky sticks in them. I would never complain about duplicates or reappearances. No. Never. But in this case, Skoshbox has gone one further and acquired the NEW Pocky flavor and we get the exclusive first taste! Wahhh!! Chocolate is still my favorite but I try them all! These are good but more on the sweet side.

Kikori No Kirikabu– These (hilariously) are lumberjack tree stumps. They’re basically chocolate dipped cookies. Maybe like shortbread. But more exciting. 😀 This is why Japanese snacks are so fun.
DIY Choco-Banana Kit– DIY kits are fun and the DEKAbox is apparently the place to get them. It’s really nice that there was one in the less expensive regular box, too. This is the same one that was in the regular Skoshbox. I grouped all the overlap items in this photo.

Anpanman Funwari Corn– I thought maybe these tasted like Kix but I notice they have onion powder in them. Maybe they taste like less oniony Funyuns? I don’t know. They’re addiction, though, I must say. This is the larger version of the snack size in the regular Skoshbox.

Doraemon Bubblegum– This is the same kind that was in the regular Skoshbox.

Anime Poster and Gumballs– Self explanatory. My husband is on a business trip but I put this on his computer as a joke for when he gets home. He loves anime. Not half naked cartoon anime but the kind that makes you cry. Like Berserk. I cried so hard watching that. And Gankutsuou. I don’t really like anime, it takes me awhile to get over the art but once I do… they really suck you in.

Tokuno Milk Candy– When I first saw this, I thought it was Milk chocolate candy but no, it’s just milk. Actual milk. Warm milk. Ew. I had to spit it out.

Cola No Tane– A cola flavored chewy candy. This actually does taste like cola. Not real Coke but maybe Kroger brand or something. It has a hard outer shell and the inside is chewy like you think it’s actually gum but then… it’s not.
Tokyo Sweets Erasers– This is the accessory item! Super cute erasers that there’s no way I’m going to actually use. I’ve got to display them somewhere.

VERDICT: Well, it’s easy to tell that I think Skoshbox (and the DEKAbox) are fantastic. Part of it is because I *do* like Japanese snacks and the other part is that it’s reasonably priced, the variety is stellar and who doesn’t want a limited edition Pocky stick!?

Sign up here and get your own Skoshbox or DEKAbox! I’m not sure if you can still order and get this box but it should tell you when you check out.
Skoshbox is generously offering a May 2015 DEKAbox to one lucky Bits and Boxes reader! Enter for a chance to win your own box of Japanese snacktasticness! This is open to US residents only (including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, or any other US Territory). It has a value of $26.

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