Candy Club June 2015 Review and Coupon!

Candy Club is one of those subscriptions I tried to resist and then just couldn’t. I love candy. I love candy more than chocolate. If I let myself, I could eat candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner and be totally happy. However, I’m a good girl and I don’t do that except on occasions when I’m feeling absolutely miserable.

The Candy Club subscription is something that’s a little different than other subscriptions. They appear to have a set candy rotation. So everyone’s first box is the same, everyone’s second box is the same and so on. It doesn’t matter what month it is, it just matters how long you’ve been subscribed. Personally, I don’t really like that system because I like to subscribe and unsubscribe as the mood takes me. Except that means I get the same box over and over. Although it might work if you just reactivate your subscription each time. But that means you can’t use a coupon.

The Cost: $33.95/month (that includes shipping)

What You Get: Up to three pounds of quality, name brand candy from timeless classics to contemporary favorites with an occasional small bonus treat and a “splash” each month.

So this is my second month. I wanted to know what was in the second box even though I think it’s pretty expensive. You do get a LOT of candy but somehow spending $34 on candy doesn’t seem right. I don’t think this is something I could do monthly either. Because like I said… It is a LOT of candy. Seriously.

Albanese Sour Gummi Poppers- I was expecting these to be like gumdrops because they kind of look like it. And they have the outer sugar coating. So it was sort of a shock to discover they actually are gummy like gummy bears. They might be a little softer than Haribo but they’re definitely chewy. The flavors included are Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry and Green Apple. I wouldn’t say the flavors were super identifiable but they are a teeeensy bit addicting.

Allan Sour Cherry Slices- Candy Club seems to send a lot of sour stuff. The first box had sour strips and sour jelly beans. These cherries aren’t super sour and they manage to avoid the cough syrup taste by a hair. I mean, they don’t taste like cough syrup but they’re a little too close. Cherry is a hard flavor to get right. I’ll eat these, though, have no fear.

Gimbals Orange N’ Creme Soft Chews- The last Gimbal product I had I got from Sugarfina and I loved it so much I found it on Amazon and bought a bag. That’s the Sugar Lips. They’re sour and so flavorful. Knowing that, I’m sure these taste just like a Creamsicle and I can’t stand creamsicles. So I’m not eating these. I know, I’m weird. But there’s just something about orange creamsicles that I have never liked ever.

Atomic Fireballs- I’m a wimp and Atomic Fireballs can be so hot sometimes I have to keep a napkin with me so I can spit it out. My husband loves them, though, which works out. He can have these.

VERDICT: Well, for one, if you don’t like sour stuff, you’re probably not going to like this subscription. If you do like sour things, this might be your ticket to candy heaven. On the other hand, you could just buy exactly your favorite candies for cheaper. Of course you wouldn’t get to try new candies as fancy as these either.
Personally, $34 is too much for me. And it’s less because it’s high priced and more because it’s more candy than I actually want to eat. If they had a half size box, I’d be more likely to do that. But coupons make everything look better so here’s $10 off for you!

If you want to sign up for Candy Club, you can get $10 off your first box with my referral link. You will get the first month and you can see that review here.