Loot Crate June 2015 “Cyber” Review and Coupon Code + July’s Theme

The June 2015 Loot Crate is pretty great. It is packed with so many goodies! I should say that I haven’t paid a ton of attention to Terminator Genisys but I have seen the real Terminator. And since my name is Sarah, I’m automatically cool. Or something. Sarah Connor is pretty badass sooo…. I’m not sure if I like the whole idea of re-doing the whole Terminator universe as an alternate reality. *clings to old memories*
The Cost: $19.95/month, including the shipping.

What You Get: Awesome gamer/geek loot! Sometimes T-shirts (like this month!) Plenty of comment inducing collectibles to surround your computer desk with, all delivered right to your door.

Exclusive Borderlands Zer0 Mouse Pad (or Game Mat, as they call it)- So while my husband was playing DotA, I brought this over. He glanced at it and said “Oh, that’s Borderlands, cool!” and kept playing. But I was insistent that he use it immediately so he lifted his mouse and I did the switcheroo. To which he said “Aaaand now you got me killed.” Pfft. If he was that low on health to begin with, it wasn’t because of the new mouse pad. >:|

Terminator Genisys Endo Skull Replica– This is a half scale replica of a cyborg skull. It’s pretty neat. It’s pretty light which takes away from the awesomeness when you pick it up but you could throw this around the office if you wanted. Or bean your little brother when he comes to steal your last hot pocket. The booklet says this is hand painted after a black wash. It is definitely cool looking.

Terminator Genisys Brain Chip Keychain– This is pretty heavy duty. I probably wouldn’t actually suggest putting it on your car keys unless you have the kind of car that starts with a push button and not with keys in the ignition. But that’s mainly because my dad always told me that your keys shouldn’t be too heavy because they can damage the ignition. Maybe that’s not true anymore.

Future Replicant Corporate Logo Patch– I don’t know why they didn’t say this was from Bladerunner. But it is. My husband has a backpack that he uses when we travel that has a bunch of patches on it, maybe I’ll add this to it.

As always, Loot Crate includes a commemorative pin. So on your deathbed you can rub them between your fingers and remember that crate you got way back in ’15 and how you couldn’t live without whatever was in it… Alright, that’s morbid but you get my point.

The other thing Loot Crate includes is a little mini-mag. They tried to get rid of it last year and deliver it digitally but there was an outcry. This has the information about what you’ll find in the box but it also has interviews with famous nerds, little puzzles and photos of looters (one could be you!)

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Target Poster– Two of them actually. But uhh… It’s suggested to use them with your Nerf gun. Heh. Well, you probably could use them at the shooting range or as a dartboard.

Nerd HQ Stickers– Hm. Not sure what I can do with these since I’m no longer 11 and I don’t collect stickers anymore. And I don’t live in San Diego. Which is good because I’m already dying of heatstroke and it’s 81.

Glow in the Dark Circuit Gadget Pouch– Is this to appease the womenfolk? Because I cannot imagine a guy coming near this. Besides what guy puts their gadgets away? Err… you know what I mean. Although, I say that and I can think of several very neat guys I know. But none of them use pouches, even if they do glow in the dark. Oo. I just thought of a use for it. But doesn’t anyone else have a part of their office/basement 😀 that looks like a computer graveyard? I know I do. I should clean it up because 3/4 of it is obsolete.

Transformers/Tron Mashup T-shirt– I think this is the best part of the box. But I’ve always loved Transformers. I wish they didn’t always have to be mashups but there’s probably some licensing-type laws that prevent them from doing it.

VERDICT: Finally, a Loot Crate with content. I think that’s been my main issue lately. There’s not enough real things and too much filler. When there’s a T-shirt, it basically makes the box worth it. Most of them are worth wearing and the one that DH sneered at was the cat skull one but I loved it so it didn’t matter that he hated it. I do like Funko, too, though and I wish they could put both in the same box. Considering that a lot of the stuff that goes in these boxes is promotional product, they should be able to swing it financially. Course, then they wouldn’t make as much money…

If you want to sign up for Loot Crate, you can do that here. Use coupon code SAVE3 or NEWS3 to get $3 off your first box. July’s theme is HEROES 2!