The Last Allure Sample Society Box June 2015 Review

This is the last Allure Sample Society box by! The June 2015 box is the last box sold by Beauty Bar and curated by Allure. Future boxes will be called the Allure Beauty Box and will be sold by Allure, as well. I’ve been very happy with Beauty Bar and their customer service so I’m curious to see how the change will affect subscribers.

Hopefully the curation and product quality stays the same (or better). Although I would be happy with less perfume. This month’s box has six items which is one more than usual. The contents are excellent for a summer box and I’m always excited to see beauty tools in a subscription.

What You Get: Five deluxe-size beauty samples from a curated mix of skin, hair, and makeup products as well as fragrance.

St. Tropez Self Tan Expres– This is an award winning self tanner. It’s a fast-acting foam that allows you to customize the depth of your tan. One hour for light, two for medium and three for dark. This means you have to be ready to shower after you apply it.
I’ve never used anything like this. I’ve used towelettes, been misted with spray tan at the tanning salon and just used Paula’s Choice Self Tanning Concentrate mixed in with my regular moisturizer. But a wash off one? Not so far.
The information booklet says if you don’t wash your hands well after applying they can turn greenish. Why it doesn’t also turn your legs greenish is beyond me. So, apply with a mitt if you have one. I don’t so we’ll see how green my hands turn.
It’s supposed to last several days, too. I’m going to try it as soon as I’m finished writing up this review.
Update: Okay, I just used this. It’s a pretty thin foam and comes out so dark! The good thing is that it makes it easy to see the spots you’ve missed while spreading it on. I only did my legs. After an hour and a half I washed it all off and I have a very nice, natural looking tan. Now I just want to see how long it lasts.
It definitely does turn your hands greenish. Don’t make the mistake I did and wash your hands then shake them dry. I got water on my legs and it made tracks on my tanning parts. I had to carefully reapply, just in case. I have to admit I’m pretty impressed with this stuff.
Value: $10 (full size is $44 at Sephora and $37 on Amazon)

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish in Polo Lounge Punch– It’s hot and I could use some punch right now. This color is goooorrrrgeous! It’s a magenta and reaches opacity in one coat. I was surprised by that because my other color by Lauren B. is quite thin and took three coats. Of course, it was a light pink but this is much, much better. I’m wearing it now. (I wouldn’t pay $18, though)

Cotz Face Sunscreen SFP 40 in Natural Skin Tone-Cotz has the skimpiest samples ever. They barely contain enough to do your whole face. They do use titanium dioxide and zinc as sunscreens which I like but I’m prejudice against them because of their tiny samples. This container looks large but it’s not even a third full. I do, however, like the fact that it’s SPF 40 and that it has a little tint to it. No white cast with this sunscreen! However, I’ve already decided the next sunscreen I buy is going to be the Hydropeptide sunscreen I got in my Beautyfix box. I love it.

eSalon Perfect Ending Leave In Conditioner– First, I have to say that I love eSalon. I’ve been getting my hair color from them for about two years (maybe longer). It’s a website that creates a customized hair color for you based on what you choose for yourself. It’s $19.99/color and they’ll send it to you on the schedule you want so you never have grow out or have to go to the store or make a salon appointment. You will have to do it yourself, of course. It is an at-home coloring system. You can switch up your colors or if you dye it and decide you don’t like the color, you can tell them why and they’ll change up the next one you get to eliminate whatever issues you were having. Customer service is excellent, too.
When you get your color kit, you’ll get gloves, shampoo, conditioner, stain remover towelettes and a skin protector gel. They’ve never included a Leave In Conditioner and I love their shampoo and conditioner so I’m pretty excited to try this. Since the company is all about color, this is good for color treated hair, will help restore shine, moisture and manageability. Yay!

Completely Bare Wax Strips for Face, Bikini and Body– I have never seen waxing strips in a subscription box before and I can’t lie, I love that. This sample has two small and two medium size wax strips. It’s always fun when something new appears. I had never used waxing strips until a few weeks ago. I got some Sally Hansen ones of this same type. Shall I admit why? Ugh. Stupid hormones. As I’m getting older, I’m getting a mustache! I’m a girl! I don’t want a mustache! So I’d been shaving it, especially once my husband pointed it out. If only it was blonde… /cry. Anyway, I used the Sally Hansen ones and they worked fine. Killer but nothing that a few deep breaths didn’t work through. I read that you can cut these down and use them for brows but there is no way in hell I am messing with my brows. I live in fear that I would accidentally rip out the parts I want to keep.

So, I’ll try these, too. Maybe they’ll be exactly the same. Maybe I’ll like them better.

ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush– I have a couple Elf brushes. They’re cheap and effective. This brush is for applying creams and liquids. So foundations, blushes or cream bronzer types. This kind of brush is supposed to help make your makeup application look airbrushed.
Tap on foundation in a series of dots then swirl the brush to buff it in. I tried this with my cream blush from Kloverbox but I was a little too generous with the color. Haha! I looked like a clown. But I wiped it off and tried again without going so overboard and it looked great. Now to try it with my Bobbi Brown foundation.

VERDICT: This was an excellent box! I will use all of it, even the Cotz because sunscreen is always important. I’m already wearing my Polo Lounge Punch. As soon as I post this review, I’ll be running downstairs to slather on my St. Tropez Self Tanner. In an hour or two, after I shower it off, I’ll be using my Elf stipple brush to practice applying my foundation. It’s rare that I get a box where I use everything and this just entered the ranks. It’s a great summer box!

I can only hope that the next boxes are as good as the older ones have been. When the box was rebranded from BeautyBar Sample Society to the Allure Sample Society, the boxes were AMAZING! Hopefully, with the switch to solely Allure, they’ll do it again.

Currently subscriptions are closed until June15th. On June 15th, you can check this Allure page to get the lastest information and (I’m guessing) sign up to get the new Allure Beauty Box. You can see this post to get a little more info on whats happening.