Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2015 Review

The Walmart Beauty Box is one of those irresistible sample boxes because it’s only $5. When a box is only $5, you can forgive it a lot of things. Like my last one was awful but for $5 I stayed subscribed. The Summer 2015 box is much, much better than the Spring one and I see that I’m definitely getting the “old lady” boxes. I’m totally okay with that because it seems like they have more skincare and that is what I want.

The Cost: $5/quarter

What You Get: Deluxe size products and foil samples with the occasional full size goodie.

John Frieda Beachblonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray- I’ve actually got kind of hooked on sea salt sprays. My hair is pretty flat most of the time because it’s so thin and fine. Sea salt sprays really give it some poof which is nice. It doesn’t contorl the flyaways though but I guess it’s not supposed to. Beach hair is supposed too look messy so it’s alright.

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Complete Care- An anti-dandruff shampoo. It smells really good. I don’t have any travel size dandruff shampoos so I’m keeping this. My husband likes dandruff shampoos. I’ve never noticed him having dandruff so they must work?

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick- This is a burning fire red. It’s too orange for me so I didn’t open it but they do have a million colors. It’s all shiny inside the clear plastic cap and that makes me want to use it.

Caress Love Forever Body Wash- It’s a good thing this smells good because I got this same thing in my last box. And it really does smell good, too.

Olay Total Effects Eye Treatment- I don’t really use eye creams but this is a full size product and costs about $20 so it pays for the box times four. I’m going to give this to my mom because she loves Olay and she does use eye creams.

Neutrogena CoolDry Sport Sunscreen Lotion- I was hoping this had peppermint in it (because of the “cool” in CoolDry) but no it’s just because it says the formula allows sweat through it so it evaporates. I’m not sure how that even matters, its sunscreen. I spend a lot of time outside in the summer working in my garden so I need all the sunscreen I can get.

VERDICT: This box gets an automatic thumbs up because it was so much better than the last one. And it has a full size product worth $20 from a nice brand. This box is drugstore makeup because it’s Walmart, of course. I don’t have an issue with brands you find in a drugstore (heck, neutrogena makes some really great retinol creams) appearing in a box like this. You’re not going to find anything high end but you might find something you like that’s so affordable you can’t resist buying it.
There were also a bunch of coupons included which I didn’t take a picture of because they’re boring. Although I think one was for $5 off Revlon lipstick so that’s pretty good.

If you want to sign up for this box, I think you can still get the Summer version. I will warn you that this is one of several variations and that they seem to be packed based on age. I don’t remember what I marked but I’m over 35. My mom just turned sixty on Monday and she got this same box, too. Oh… I guess that means I can’t give her the eye cream because she already has it!