Urthbox July 2015 Classic Box Mini Review and Coupon Code

Urthbox sends healthy, organic, all natural snacks and drinks to your door every month. They have several box sizes and several diet options as well. So whatever kind of snack you are looking for Urthbox has your number.

This review is for the Mini Classic box. Mini means it has six snacks and Classic means it’s anything goes as far as dietary restrictions. I don’t have any restrictions so I would always choose the Classic version.

The Cost: $12.99/month.

What You Get: Six healthy, carefully selected foods, beverages, snacks and more that are Non-GMO, Organic and All Natural focused delivered right to your door every month.

Nourish Snacks Chili’n in the Corn’r– Citrus-chili roasted corn. Ah, the only way I can eat the spicy foods is with citrus to cut the heat. These are like corn nuts only not so teeth-crackingly hard. These nicely crisp and puffy.

Laiki Red Rice Crackers– I love these! They’re so crunchy and delicious and they only have 3 ingredients.

Matt’s Munchies Banana Coconut– Pureed banana with coconut. I just don’t think banana does well in this state.

Hemp Hearts– Raw, shelled hemp seeds. So… I might like a healthy snack or two but not this.

SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins– I think these taste funny but if you’re going to eat vitamins, they might as well be gummies. 😀

PaleoLife Primal Cocoa-Nut– This looks pretty good. It’s basically a bunch of nut butters. It’s a chunk of a bar, too.

RuckPack Combat Nutrition Energizer Drink– A vitamin enhanced energy drink. I gave this to my husband because things like this just make my guts unhappy. I think it’s the B vitamins. Anyhoo, he said it tasted pretty good.

VERDICT: If you like ultra healthy snacks, Urthbox is here for you. They’re very conscientious about what they send. I prefer my snacks to be a little… less healthy. 😀

If you’d like to sign up for Urthbox, you can get it here. Use code CRUNCHWEEK to get $5 off your first box.