Fabulous Bespoke Post Groupon Deal August 2015!

Bespoke Post is currently running on Groupon! And when I say it is a fabulous deal, I mean it! Besides the fact that Bespoke Post is straight up awesome, this deal is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Even better than their Black Friday deals.

Get one month for $29
Get 2 months for $56 ($28/mo.)
Get 3 months for $79 ($23/mo.)

Even better? Groupon is famous for coupons! So check the top of your screen to see if you’ve got coupons available for Groupon. I used EXTRA for 20% off this deal. Which made it $63! Thats $21/month! For what’s normally $45 (and worth far more!)! *The caveat is that I live in Seattle and this appears to be a Seattle deal and the EXTRA code is for local deals. But don’t let that stop you from hunting down one that works!

Get the deal HERE!

Then because I use Ebates (you should, too, if you dont!!), I also got 6% cashback so I saved another $3.79!

Wouldn’t you say that’s a fabulous deal? Because I do!

You can see my Bespoke Post reviews right here to get an idea of they kinds of things you’ll receive. This makes an EXCELLENT man-gift. 🙂