Loot Crate Special Edition Mass Effect Crate Update and Spoiler

Loot Crate has teamed up with BioWare for another limited edition crate and it’s all about Mass Effect this time! In a few days, sales will go live!!

Hopefully, they’ve upgraded everything and are more prepared this time around. I believe that this box is limited to one per account, similar to the Fallout one. You don’t have to be a subscriber but I think you will have to make an account.

The Cost: $75 one time charge, shipping is included!

What You Get: $150 plus of rare Mass Effect collectibles, including cool apparel.

I’m assuming the spoiler is the N7 hoodie in the photo! That is awesome and I totally want it.

Sign up here to get the email when it goes on sale officially. It ships in December so keep that in mind.