RawSpiceBar October 2015 “Malaysia” Subscription Review

RawSpiceBar sends a packet of spices and recipes to your door every month. This October 2015 shipment features freshly toasted and ground spices from Malaysia and includes recipes that feature each spice blend along with a little historical information about the area the spices are from.

Malaysia has a unique blend of Indian, Chinese and Thai influences to their cuisine. Because Malaysia was initially along the Spice Route, the food is sort of a conglomeration of the countries that flowed through as well as the ones surrounding them. All that leads to pure food heaven.

The Cost: $6/month

What You Get: Each month, you will be sent three spice blends which are enough to create three separate dishes serving 8-10 people. The spice blends will weigh between 1-2 ounces each month.
Kaffir Lime Blend– This has kaffir lime leaf powder, turmeric, palm sugar and red chilies. The blend has a fantastic citrus scent and the blend is intended to be used as a salad dressing mixed with olive oil and garlic. The salad is suggested to consist of cabbage, green beans, cucumber and bean sprouts. I can easily make this. Just need to get cabbage and bean sprouts. Yum!

Sambal Oelek– This is a spicy blend of ground chilies, cayenne pepper, palm sugar and paprika. This smells so smokily amazing! There is no way I’m not using this. Samal Oelek is a sauce in the vein of Sriracha and is the recipe that accompanies this blend. I think, however, that I may use it in chili or tortilla soup.

Malaysian Laksa Spices–  This is a special curry powder blend. It has coriander, turmeric, lemongrass, galangal, black peppercorns, cumin, fennel, star anise, cardamom and… spices? Hm. Why would a list of spice ingredients put “spices” as an ingredient. That seems weird. Anyway, of all the spice blends, this is the most mouthwatering. I am using this. Probably first. The spice combination is pure heaven.

VERDICT: I love the spice blends and the recipes and that the main part of this subscription. I still wish they would revert back to their resealable bags because I spilled one of last months packets all over the floor when transporting it from my office to the kitchen. I was so unhappy about that. I also wish there was more transparency with the amount of spices included. The ounces listed on the packets are incorrect and all three contained less than what was claimed. To the tune of .8oz total. Not even meeting the promised 1oz amount. Not good.

If you want to sign up for RawSpiceBar, you can do that right here. I think for $6 it can still be worth it even though you’re receiving very little spice. For me, it’s the inventiveness the new spices add to my dinner table that makes this the most fun.

What do you think of RawSpiceBar? As a subscriber, I’d be a little po’d that the spices are short.