Tuesday Tidbits

Here’s where I tell you all the things that don’t fit into a review and whatever else is on my mind.

Okay, you guys. I got up enough gumption to start up a YouTube channel! You can see it here. If you want to throw me a pity Subscribe, I’ll take it! Haha! I haven’t put my face up on there yet; I barely managed to put my embarrassment aside just talking!

I’m trying to get a kind of Intro video done that actually has me in it but while my hands are pretty cooperative, my face isn’t so it’s taking more time.

My goal is to do quick unboxings that focus on the products inside the box. I hate sitting through long dragged out unboxings that take forever, unboxings that are being unboxed for the first time and you have to sit through all the unwrapping and reading of info cards. I try to know as much as I can before I make the video as possible, keeping it to right around five minutes. So if that’s the kind of unboxing you like… Subscribe!

I also haven’t learned how to edit my videos. If you know of any good tutorials that involve a Samsung Galaxy and YouTube, I’d love to know. I haven’t yet looked up how to put text on top of the video either.

It’s really weird how different I sound. It’s almost like it’s not even me except for the mannerisms (omg, when did I turn into my mother?!).

It’s your last chance to enter the Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette Giveaway! It ends tonight at 11:59pm. Up next will be something from TooFaced!


I have to show you my new teacups. Platinum edged, fine bone china in a “Wedding March” pattern by Andre Kim for Hankook. (Actually, I hardly know what most of that means but that’s what it says). I don’t collect teacups… Or at least I didn’t. I bought these at the Ronald McDonald House Charity Gala that we went to last week. I didn’t even realize how pretty they were until the next day after I looked at them more closely. The photo doesn’t do them justice since you cant even see the ivory butterflies and sprays of flowers. The light isn’t right.
The Ronald McDonald House is a wonderful thing. Here in Seattle they’re associated with Children’s Hospital and they provide free housing for children and their families receiving treatment for cancer and other life threatening diseases. It’s a blessing, especially for folks who are travelling from out of state. When you have a sick child, worrying about money or where you’re going to stay is the last thing you want to have on your mind. No matter what anyone thinks about McDonalds, this is a truly wonderful thing. *gets sentimental*

I’m going to be putting up some reviews of my favorite products. A couple of them are already up. They’ve all been purchased by me, used by me and love by me. No “hated” products yet because I want to talk about what works. I’m also planning a post on my full skincare routine. There are so many oily skinned routines out there that I feel like I need to get one up for people who have dry skin like me.

It’s a tie between The Pumpkin Batch and Litu Box. They’re both new boxes, too!

That would be GreekPack. This month really let me down. I unsubscribed.