Super Geek Box November 2015 “Legacy” Geek Box Review and Coupon Code

I am really liking my Super Geek Box subscription! The November 2015 box has both a t-shirt and a Funko Pop figure which Loot Crate tends to only have one or the other. I’m a big fan of getting a t-shirt every month no matter what else is in the box. So I subscribe the geek/gamer boxes that send them.

The Cost: $19.92/month

What You Get: $40+ Value in each box! New swag every month. Guaranteed exclusive Ultra-EPIC Shirt! or something 2x Epic!

Funko Pop Kylo Ren– It’s sad but we’ve started getting excited about these things. Finding the perfect spot on the “display cabinet” is starting to become quite the jigsaw puzzle.

There were six variations and I have to admit I might rather have had the BB-8 or Yoda… I mean, Kylo Ren is coo and all  but he’s a bad guy!
Value: $10

Time Traveler Drawstring Bag– Does anyone really use these things? They’re so awful. This is Dr. Who related, I’m guessing. I don’t watch Dr. Who so I don’t really know.
Value: Uh…

Christmas Card– This made my day! I don’t really send Christmas cards because they require work and a lot of figuring out of addresses but this one I’m actually going to send. It’s perfect for our friends. 😀
Value: totes adorbs

Nyan Dog Adventures Lanyard– I’m not srue what Nyan Dog means unless that’s what kind of dog Jake is… oh, never mind. It appears to be a meme of a rainbow pooping dog. Which then makes the Adventure Time lanyard with Finn and Jake more interesting.
Value: Stocking Stuffer

“That’s No Moon” Fridge Magnet– Well, it isn’t a moon but it’s a star!! A cute Star Wars and Nightmare Before Christmas mashup. It’s on my fridge.
Value: In Use

Sith T-Shirt– I’m not sure if Nike would appreciate being associated with the Sith but it’s too late now. 😀
Value: $14

VERDICT: Nothing about these kinds of boxes is practical. Well, t-shirts might be but half the time they’re so ridiculous that calling them practical takes the fun out of it. Geek boxes like Super Geek Box are supposed to be full of interesting paraphernalia and things you aren’t sure what to do with. That’s why I always go for the boxes that have a t-shirt. Then, no matter what else is in there, at least you paid for something you can use. I tend to value the box based on that. I know they always say there’s $40 worth but really as long as it comes to the cost of the box, I’m good. Between the shirt and the Funko Kylo Ren, this box works.

If you would like to sign up for Super Geek Box, you can do that right here. December’s SuperGeekBox theme is GOOD TIMES! It’s going to be a box featuring Marvel, DC Comics, Adventure Time, Funko, and more. Use code GOODTIMES to get $2 off your first box!