Loot Crate Mass Effect Special Edition Review

When Loot Crate announced a Limited Edition Mass Effect Crate, I jumped at the chance to get one. While the Fallout 4 crate was awesome, it was more for my husband. So is the Mass Effect one, except that it was also a little bit for me, too, since I’ve played all the Mass Effects and loved them (except for the ending of ME3- eff that). My favorite is still the second one and I’ve played it through more than once.

This Crate was $75 and sold out fairly quickly. Not as quickly as Fallout 4 but quickly enough. I’m super happy with it and I think I might like it better than the Fallout one. Keep in mind that all of these products are licensed by Bioware and many of them are exclusive. As in, you can only get them in this box. (At least for now).
N7 Armor Stripe Hoodie– This is a really nice hoodie! It’s fuzzy and warm. The hood drapes nicely when not in use (hey, I think that’s important!) and the zipper is sturdy. I got this in my husbands size but I think I’m going to try and find one in mine.
Value: $60
Mass Effect Sock Set– This is an exclusive and when my husband saw the N7 stripe, he put them on immediately. I made him take them off for the photo but he took them back the second I was done. And I admit… those are some pretty sweet socks.  The others have Paragon/Renegade logos which also are awesome.
Mass Effect Volume 1: Redemption TPB Graphic Novel– This is written by Mac Walters (oh hey, who wrote the ending to ME3? *nerdrage*) and John Jackson Miller with art by Omar Francia. It’s about Dr. Liara T’Soni.
Volus Plush– How good are you at the Claw game? Loot Crate suggests cuddling this member of the Council. It’s about time they made a Volus plush, don’t you think? At least to satisfy the super awesome female contingent of gamers. (Not that a man can’t want a plush but between my husband and I- I am the plushie lover). 😀
Mass Effect Shot Glass Set– Now THIS is awesome!!! I think I shall never put these in the dishwasher because I will be seriously upset if the logos wear off. Especially the one for the Afterlife. Way too cool! Another exclusive. I think I need to have a party just so I can whip these out and be the envy of all my friends.
N7 Armor Stripe Backpack– Eh. It’s cool but we’re old so we don’t need a backpack. This one is kinda small, too. This is a licensed exclusive, too.
N7 Car Emblem– Uh… wait, I thought the shot glasses were the coolest? No. Maybe this is. I’m putting it on my WRX and then all the boys can be extra jealous when I beat them off the line.
Datapad Notebook– Meh. Not super useful but it’s a good idea!
VERDICT: This crate was SO amazingly AWESOME! Seriously. The nostalgia is strong with this one. (Also, I’m seeing Star Wars on Friday, can’t wait). I feel like in terms of usefulness, this box rocked the Fallout one. The exclusive shot glasses, car emblem and socks are fantastic. The hoodie is super useful (and being worn as I write this). The worst thing is the datapad notebook and the backpack but I’m sure I can find it a loving home. This was absolutely worth the $75 plus tax that I paid.
What did you think!? I think I’m going to go replay Mass Effect again, starting from the first one. I only have the for Xbox right now so I just bought them for the PC. I might have to get a gamepad, though.