Her Shave Co. January 2016 Ladies Wet Shave Subscription Box Review and Coupon

Her Shave Co. is a company with the goal of introducing women to the wonderful world of wet shaving. This is the smoothest shave you’ll ever get, that’s for sure. You’ll not only get the tools of the trade but you’ll get new, fun shave and skin products to fall in love with every month.

My husband gets a manly version of this type of box and I admit to a little envy each time it arrives. Now there’s a box with my name on it! And packed with girly goodness.

The Cost: $24.95/monthly

What You Get:  Your first box comes with a safety razor, replacement blades and a full sized skincare product such as a shaving cream, moisturizer or scrub. Subsequent boxes will arrive with replacement blades plus 2-3 full size specialty skincare goodies to keep your shave amazing.

With your first month you will receive a safety razor, a badger shaving brush plus a shaving extra and blades.

This review is for the first month’s box.
Vie-Long Chrome Safety Razor– This is actually a really great razor for shaving legs because the handle is grooved. The grooves provide the perfect grip even when it’s wet which is absolutely essential.
You’ll also receive directions on how to use your new safety razor and tips on how to get the best, smoothest shave. I was really happy to see these instructions because they really are necessary for someone new to the wet shave world.
Value: $15
Razor Blades– Sharp blades! Sharp is good and will help you get close shaves. Don’t use a dull razor, change the dang blade! They’re cheap and come in packs of five or ten. Save your skin and make sure they’re sharp.
Value: $2
Badger Hair Shaving Brush– A densely filled brush head for holding and distributing lather. It’ll help raise the hairs and gently exfoliate in preparation for a close, comfortable shave.
Value: $10
Tiki Bar Soap Spiced Candy Apple Shaving Cream– A whipped shaving cream that smells SO GOOD you’ll want to eat it.
Value: $8

VERDICT: If you’re interested in wet shaving, Her Shave Co. is a great way to get the essentials, tips and tricks of the trade and some delicious smelling shave cream. While I don’t do the wet shave every time, I do like to do it for special occasions or if I have extra time. It’s not as fast as shaving with a disposable razor but the results are night and day.

If you’d like to sign up for Her Shave Co., you can do that here. Use code FIRSTSHAVE to get $5 off your first box.

Any tips on getting the best shave with a razor like this?