OuiPlease Vol 1.6 Subscription Box Review ~ Winter in the Alps

OuiPlease is a subscription box that sends premium products from France every other month. It’s a fun and unusual subscription even though it has it’s drawbacks. It’s fairly expensive but for a unique experience, it’s pretty much one of a kind.

OuiPlease is always beautifully presented in a sturdy keepsake box, wrapped in paper and ribbon. I don’t really like the black straw they use for padding because it gets black dust all over everything but it’s definitely better than nothing.

Every box is accompanied by a glossy mini-mag that describes all the products you’ll find in your box and gives information about the creator where applicable. Since these boxes tend to have variations, you’ll see all the things you didn’t get as well.

The Cost: $150/bi-monthly

What You Get: A unique selection of full sized French products. In addition to all of the hand-selected gifts, your parcel will include the latest issue of our own “OuiPlease” magazine. Explore deliciously simple French recipes, exclusive interviews, style tips, lifestyle pieces, and discover the full range of current products that were distributed across America.

Mirgiole Sorbonne Earrings- These qare 24k gold plated brass earrings. They are so dainty and delicate. It’s almost enough to make me wish I wore gold more often. These have a lever back and also have the signature Mirgiole “M” stamped on the back of the triangle.
Value: $40

Tassia Cannelis Bracelet- Tassia Cannelis appears a lot in OuiPlease. I’m not too fond of the pieces because they tend to be far too delicate and at times nearly invisible so why bother wearing it. Way Ring, I’m looking at you. This bracelet has the same problem. Yes, it’s dainty and the irregular mother-of-pearl bead is beautiful but… No one is going to look at it and think it’s gorgeous. And that’s if they even notice you’re wearing it. Actually, I take that back. This would be fabulous on dark skin! I’m just a ghost so it disappears into my skin.

I believe that this is exclusive to OuiPlease and I can only find similar items online but not this exact one.
Value: $50

Maison 1951 Franciase Clutch in Canarino- It’s funny because I’ve received six boxes and this is the first one that’s had one of these clutches in it! I’m really excited about that. It’s also not listed as a box possiblity in the booklet. It seems most people got a card holder (and I totally would have been happy with that!) but I’m so pleased to see this.

It’s a buttery soft leather in pale yellow (canary yellow, I’m assuming?) and it’s very Spring feeling. Yellow isn’t my color, though, so I may try and trade it for a different one. I won’t be sad if no one wants to swap, though, because I love these so much. I believe this is a Large size. OuiPlease values it at $100, however it’s on sale for about $42 and at regular price on the website is $67. It did not arrive with a chain but I never use clutches that way anyway.
Value: $67

Harem des Sens Fabulous Silk Milk- It moisturises, may used for long massages or poured into water for a Cleopatra-style bath. I’m not a big fan of body lotion and right now I’m trying to use one to get a tan so… Which… if anyone who is naturally a pale ghost has a self tanner they think works really well- tell me!
Value: $30

Histoires de Parfums Vert Pivione Eau de Parfume- This is a spray vial and the scent is floral. The notes say that it has scents of peony, gardenia, sandalwood and musk but I’m not finding a lot of that. It’s mainly just too floral. Which is weird because I love peonies and their scent! Ah, well. I have so much perfume now because of Scentbird, I don’t really need any more.
Value: $40

oOlution Glow Up- This is an oil moisturizer with a crapton of antioxidants via plant extracts in it! It also has lavender and alcohol both of which I’m avoiding. However, this sounds like an intriguing and moisturizing product. Hm. Most of me wants to try it but the other sensible part says I have too much stuff open right now and I know those ones work. We’ll see. I might cave.
On an interesting side note, it looks like this product was in a French Birchbox!
Value: $37 for 50ml but this is 30ml so $22

LeBon Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste- I don’t even care that toothpaste is a strange thing to get in a box. I feel like toothpaste is toothpaste no matter where it’s from. Either way, I’m totally using this! Somehow I have to have a snooty conversation where I mention I only use the most luxurious, 100% natural toothpastes from France. Nothing else is good enough for my teeth. Haha! So ridiculous.
Value: $18

L’attelier Ladure Milk and Dark Chocolate Disks- Well, these expire in 20 days. That being said, the dark chocolate ones are delicious (though the nuts are a little stale, I have to admit). The chocolate is quite tasty. I think I might contact them about the expire date.
Value: $25

L’Attelier Caramelized Walnuts- The book shows Macadamia nuts and I totally wish I’d gotten those instead. I don’t really like walnuts. Which is weird because I used to love them but somehow they go bitter in my mouth now. Maybe caramelized fixes that? Sugarrrrr!
Value: $15

VERDICT: I purchased an annual subscription with a discount code that makes each of my boxes about $90. I definitely think they’re worth that and they’re probably worth the $150, too, but $90 is better. I like this box most obviously because of the Maison 1951 clutch. I love the feel of the leather. I’m not sold on the color and I may try to swap for a different one but I sure love it and the size. Otherwise the jewelry is beautiful but not my style. I’ve already got moisturizers I love.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the difficulties this subscription has had over the last year. This box was supposed to arrive in October 2015 if everything had been on schedule. This is supposed to ship bi-monthly however that has not happened beyond the first two boxes. I am particularly forgiving when it comes to shipping. As long as I get my box, I don’t care when it arrives but three months late is pretty late.

If you choose to subscribe, do so knowing that your box may not arrive when it initially should have. Also keep in mind that there have been some wildly irregular variations between boxes in the past. With this box, it looks like they’re trying pretty hard to cut down on the disparity and have more uniform boxes. I think this is an excellent idea. It’s hard not to look down your nose at your box when someone else got one with a value $200 more than your own.

If you would like to subscribe and you don’t care about any of the issues and you are willing to deal with whatever happens (C’est la vie, amirite?!), you can subscribe right here. Use code OUIWHATSUP to get 20% off ANY length subscription. Yes. I don’t even know if they realize that code is still working since newer ones haven’t allowed it. It works on year long subscriptions and that’s really the way to go if you’re interested.

What has your experience with OuiPlease been like? Happy? Sad? Bi-polar? I admit to being pretty up and down depending on the box.