Pipsticks Sticker Mail February 2016 Review and $1 Coupon Code!

Pipsticks is a subscription that sends scads of stickers to you every month. Lots of stickers! I love opening this envelope because I always find some of the most adorable stickers. Pipsticks never ceases to make me smile every time. It’s so much fun to get and so much fun to put to use.
Since I got an official planner to help me with my blogging, life and everything in general, I realized I have a dearth of fun stickers. Sadness! Pipsticks is here to save the day, decorate my planner and just make everyone’s day a little bit happier. If you think all that sounds ridiculous, you’ve never received Pipsticks. 😀

The Cost: $14.95/month for the Classic, $9.95/month for the Petite.

What You Get: Each Pipsticks sticker subscription pack is full of stickers in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. In addition to cool stickers, you’ll also find some paper goodies like quote cards and post cards (or craft paper in Kids packs) to make good use of your stickers.

Stickers! These are appropriate for Valentine’s Day or any day! I especially love the ones on the left. I’ve already put them to good use on my calendar and in my planner. Here they are up close:
Love this style so much!
More Stickers! Sparkly glitter hearts, textured hearts and Polaroid Deco Stickers! I still have the original Polaroid camera. Well, not the original original. That one my mom probably still has on the top shelf of the hall closet. Mine is… the traditional version. The kind that spits the photo out the bottom and is bordered in white. I think it’s pretty fun that Polaroid is coming back with new cute cameras because there really isn’t anything else quite the same.
I’m going to get that ancient thing out and use it so I can put some stickers on it. The hearts will go in my hubby’s Valentine’s card.
Not done! Two pages of stickers with clear backs. I like this kind because you can put them anywhere or combine them in a fun fashion.
I love these little redheaded girl stickers. One of my friends has a daughter with hair this exact color and I’m going to give her one the next time I see her. Not all of them! They’re too cute and I can be selfish sometimes. And because she’s three and won’t have as much fun with them as I will. 😛
Puffy hearts, candy and pigs! I think that’s a pig? Maybe it’s a pink mouse?
Pig. Oh, AND a mouse! Hah! These are so cute. I’ve randomly placed them through the year of my planner because they’re cute and make me smile.

I forgot to mention that each delivery comes with a postcard and a large piece of heavy cardstock for you to use as a canvase for sticker usage. There were also some loose stickers floating around in the envelope, too.

VERDICT: So I got this Pipsticks order for $1 (you can, too, check below) and it was the best dollar I ever spent! If stickers like this don’t make you smile, I don’t know what will. It’s quite the stash when it’s all laid out, too. Normally this is $14.95 and I don’t pretend to know whether that’s a real deal or not (I haven’t bought stickers in years) but I don’t think I could get this kind of variety for less.

If you would like to sign up for Pipsticks, you can do that here. Use code STICKERMAIL to get your first delivery for only $1!! Totally worth it! You can also use BITS15 and get 15% off.

Be careful, though. If you didn’t have a sticker addiction before, you may start one by subscribing! *grin*