Hamptons Lane “Crepes” Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

If you love cooking or are thinking you might be in a food rut and need new ideas, getting Hamptons Lane boxes every month will throw open the doors of experimentation. I’ve had a great time learning new and different ways of preparing meals from these boxes and have really enjoyed the new recipes.

This particular box had my name written all over it! It’s all about Crepes! I love crepes and we’ve eaten them for decades in my family. Only we call them Swedish Pancakes.

The Cost: $47/month

What You Get: Hand-picked artisan ingredients & kitchen tools curated into monthly themed boxes.

Blue Steel Crêpe Pan by De Buyer– This brand has been making crepe pans like these for 180 years in France. Verrrry special! The pan itself requires seasoning so I followed the directions using oil before I used it. It’s the perfect size for crepes, I have to admit. When my mom made them she used a griddle and spread them into circles with the back of the ladle.  I just tip the pan around in a circle. Either way works and the shape doesn’t change the taste, of course.

Since this box arrived, the crepe pan has been on the stove. We’ve used it for omelettes, quesadillas, eggs and of course, crepes.
Value: $25
CC Made Dark Chocolate Carmel Sauce– This is really good! It’s excellent with crepes and you don’t need much to get a big boost in flavor. I warmed mine up and drizzled it on. My husband used it on ice cream. I debated putting it on peanut butter toast but I didn’t. I did put it on some of my fresh mango, though. So delicious! It’s way better than Nutella. I don’t like Nutella.
Value: $7
Bear Branch Milling Co. French Style Crepe Mix– This mix is amazing! I couldn’t find it on their website, however, in order to buy more. I also didn’t see it at Hamptons Lane in their shop. Bummer. All you need is butter, egg and milk to add to the mix. The mix does have sugar in it which is normal for French crepes. My personal recipe doesn’t have sugar but I add it later as topping so it doesn’t really need it.  Mine is just egg, milk and flour. More boring than this mix, for sure!
Value: $8
The Spice House Herbes de Provence– A classic French Herb blend. It has rosemary, thyme, tarragon, basil, savory, fennel, lavender, marjoram, oregano, dill and chervil. Basically everything. I use this on baked chicken usually. I used it this time when I made omelettes (in the crepe pan, of course). I put cheese and bacon and avocado with some Herbes de Provence. Quite tasty. And the crepe pan is basically magic for getting perfect omelettes.
Value: $5

Berndes Wooden Crepe Spreader– I never managed to make this work properly. It just made a mess or dug a hole in my cooking crepe. It’s far better and easier to just tip the pan around and let the batter slide to the edge.
Value: $13 (umm, I don’t think so)
Eat This Orange Saffron Cardamom Marmalade– I think this was a little too weird for me. I like sweet crepes over savory and this just didn’t mesh with what I usually put on. Plus the texture of the orange rinds didn’t really appeal to me. It doesn’t taste bad! Not at all. It’s just not something I would ever use with crepes. Also, the jar is adorable and I’m totally keeping it forever.
Value: $12
VERDICT: I had so much fun with this Hamptons Lane box. I used my crepe pan just this morning. I had no idea that they could be so handy and I’m glad I have one now. The CC Made Chocolate Sauce is also delicious and I’m hoping at some point there will be a way to get more of the Bear Branch mix for crepes.

One thing I appreciate about Hamptons Lane is the consistent inclusion of recipes and top-notch specialty foods. I adore getting kitchen gadgets like the crepe pan and the Taste of Thai wok. I may love cooking but that doesn’t mean I have all the gadgets yet. Everything tends to be pretty practical and useful (with some exceptions like the crepe spreader) and nearly everything gets used.
If you would like to sign up for Hamptons Lane, you can do that here. You can even choose this exact box for your first box if you like! How awesome is that? Use code BITSANDBOXES10 and you should get $10 off your first box.

What has your favorite Hamptons Lane box been? I also really liked the Fifty Shades of Chicken box.