Treats International Snack Box Review May 2016 plus Coupon Code

Treats is a subscription that sends snacks based on a specific country or region each month. Treats has two types of boxes, the Standard Pack and the Premium Pack. The Standard Pack contains 4 to 6 international snacks, and the Premium Pack contains 8 to 12 international snacks.This review is for the larger Premium Pack.

The theme this month is Sweden! I tried a few of these already and kind of got addicted to one of them. You’ll notice several products are made by Cloetta. This is a confectionary company started in Denmark by three Swiss brothers way back in the 1800’s. In 1872 they opened the first chocolate factory in Sweden. In 1901, moved it’s manufactory to Ljung, Sweden and it’s been there ever since! From there, it’s pure candy goodness including several of the sweets sent in this box. They now make some of the most popular candies in the world.

The Cost: $13.95/month for Standard, $25.95/month for Premium

What You Get: Either 4-8 or 8-12 fun treats and snacks from around the world. Each month’s box will feature snacks from a different country in the world.

Annas Ginger Swedish Thins- You can find these pretty easily here but I don’t mind getting a box. I like these a lot. Especially the ginger version.

Goteborgs Ballerina Choko- Two dark chocolate biscuits (cookies) with chocolate cream sandwiched in between. I’m not a big fan of cookies (I know, right!?) so I didn’t open these but the next time friends come over, I’ll set them out.

Mondelez Marabou Mjolkchoklad- A bar of Swedish chocolate portioned into smalled squares. This chocolate and the Anna’s cookies are both supplied to the King of Sweden.

Daim Crunchy Caramel Candy- This is like a Heath bar. I really like the hard toffee inside but I always wish the chocolate was dark. I’m just not a fan of the taste of milk chocolate. These are good though.

Cloetta Guld Nougat Bar- Treats says this is one of the first nougat bars to be made in the world. Tastes like chocolate to me! Soft and delicous.

Ahlgrens Bilar Fruktkombi- Car shaped candy first introduced in 1953. Ermahgerd! These are so good. They’re not hard at all, though they are gummies. They taste sort of like bubblegum. There are different flavors but they aren’t too distinct. I need to put these somewhere so I’ll stop eating them. Right after I have another one…

Panda Raspberry Licorice- This is also easily acquired. And it’s cheating because it’s made in Finland, not Sweden! I don’t really like Panda licorice because it’s soft and chewy. I like my hard and dried out like red vines. Or gummy like black jelly beans. Which I guess aren’t really licorice. I just like the black jelly bean taste.

Lakerol Raspberry Lemongrass- Um… So I opened these. And then I haven’t stopped eating them. I thought they were going to be hard candies but they’re not. They’re little round, pink gummies. Really hard gummies. They’re tasty. They’re also almost gone.

Cloetta Kex- Kex! These are everywhere in Europe. These have been around since 1938. While they don’t outwardly look like KitKats, it’s the same idea. wafer and chocolate. Yum!

Hellas Licorice Pipe- I believe that this also is from Finland. It’s a black licorice pipe. Their claim to fame comes from Louise Penny novels as her Inspector Gamache enjoys them in her books.

VERDICT: Although there was nothing savory in this box, it was a lot of fun to explore. Sometimes I think I learn so many things writing up reviews like this. It was interesting to read about Cloetta. I can’t believe it’s still around! I’ve got Sweden on my bucket list since forever and now I know what kinds of candies I’ll find there. Or I think I might find? Any Swedes out there contest these findings? 🙂 I liked the fact that there were some good sized packages in this box. I’ve sort of been missing that in the last couple. Pretty much all of these box will be consumed at some point or another. I do secretly wish there had been more Kex, though. Hah! It’s probably a good thing there isn’t.