Snakku Premium Japanese Snack Subscription Review and Coupon Code

Snakku is a Japanese snack subscription that is unlike any other snack box I’ve received. Snakku sends gourmet snacks from specialty shops in Japan. The majority of the snacks arrive directly from Japan and can be from family owned businesses using local products from snack recipes that have been around for generations.

There are now two options when choosing a Snakku box! You can get the regular Snakku box with ten to fifteen of the best and most authentic Japanese snacks you can get or you can get the Tasting Box. The Tasting Box is smaller and has 5-7 tasty snacks in it. There’s a box for every budget and I’m really happy about that. This review is for the regular Snakku box.

When the box arrives, it comes wrapped in a traditional Japanese Furoshiki wrapping cloth if you get a subscription of 3-months or longer. Month to month subscribers still get their box wrapped but with a paper furoshiki. It’s still feels like cloth and I’ve kept all of mine.

The Cost: $38.95/month for the Snakku Box. $15.95/month for the Tasting Box

What You Get: Get a collection of 10-15 hand-picked snacks that you can only find in Japan,
along with a selection of familiar & delicious Japanese snacks delivered every month.

Every box has a colorful printed information card that explains a little about the snacks you receive. There’s always a featured theme, too. This month it’s “Edamame.” The card gives a little background history on edamame (Zunda) and describes where and why the special snacks are made. It’s very interesting!

Shiogama is the featured snack this month. It’s made in a Buddhist temple in Sendai. These are handmade snacks using the original recipe from 1600. This has a bean paste center and has an outer layer consisting of finely milled rice, Japanese basil and sugar from Tokushima.

Zunda Manju– This is a rice cake filled with a slightly sweet crushed edamame paste. It’s suggested to pair this snack with green tea.

Ko-Ume Candy– These… were a surprise. The outside is salty tasting and grossed me out because I was expecting it to taste like plum. I hate to admit I spit it out.

Zunda Bamboo Dango– This is a sweet rice cake made from Mochiko (rice flour) and filled with red bean paste.

Cheese Kibun Senbei– I never say no to senbei. These ones are baked with Japanese cheddar cheese.

Matcha Azuki Cake– This is a fluffy matcha green tea cake filled with red bean cream.

Kani Crab Chips– Airy wheat puffs that taste like shrimp. Or seafood. I don’t know about crab. I did not eat these but my husband snarfed them right down.
Sendai Zunda Tart Cookie– These are light, buttery cookies with a tart mixture of edamame paste and an almond glaze.

Zarajiman– Senbei rice crackers covered with sugar crystals. These were a weird combo of soy sauce and sugar. Strangely satisfying.

VERDICT: Snakku is a great opportunity to try unique Japanese snacks that you will likely never see in a shop near you. Some snacks aren’t even shipped outside of Japan! It’s an expensive snack box but that’s why. The owners go to great lengths to get the most authentic snacks they can while still providing some of the fun, popular snacks as well. I really like what Snakku does.

If you would like to get Snakku for yourself, you can do that here. You can choose the regular box or the Tasting Box. Use code bitsandboxes for 5% off your first month.