Freshly Meal Delivery Subscription Review and 50% Off Coupon

Freshly is a meal delivery service designed to make eating healthy quick, easy and sustainable. With a heavy focus on providing quality meals, Freshly uses only natural ingredients with antibiotic and hormone free meats. You can expect high protein, nutrient rich meals prepared without gluten, refined sugars, and artificial additives.

Sounds good right? It is. In the space of two minutes, I can have a healthy meal ready whenever I need it. So when a hungry husband comes stomping in, I can just toss one of these in the microwave and the problem is solved in seconds. This sort of benefit is especially nice on hot summer days when hovering over a skillet or turning on the oven is an exercise in misery.

Meal Plans
What we started with was 6 meals a week. There are four plans to choose from based on how many meals you’d like delivered and how often. While we’ve tried up to 12 meals a week, it was almost too many because we really don’t eat three meals a day. Our Freshly meals tend to become dinner or immediate after-workout sustenance.

Meals turn out to be about $11 each. Compared to a Lean Cuisine that’s a lot but compared to going out it’s actually much cheaper and far healthier. Of course, you aren’t getting chef created, freshly made meals if you’re snagging a Lean Cuisine either. Plus, they taste ten thousand times better.
How is that possible? Well, Freshly uses only fresh, all-natural ingredients. Whenever possible, ingredients are organic and/or locally harvested. The intent is to provide quality, filling meals of perfect proportions while providing the best taste possible.
Meal Choice
When you sign up you will be able to choose the meals you would like. This is a big benefit, especially when choosing for more than one person. You are able to accommodate everyone. Along with that, you have access to the ingredients lists and nutrition values for all your choices. You are equipped to make the best decisions for your health and particular tastes.
When we signed up, we chose several different meal proteins including beef, fish and chicken. My husband ate the majority of them because he’s the one usually in a rush. Off to work, hungry after a workout or up early and needing sustenance. It makes my life a little easier, too, because I can have these in the fridge and he can grab one without a fuss.
Everything arrived carefully packed with ice and insulation. Our meals have always arrived still cool with still frozen ice packs. We’ve never had a problem with their shipping and packing. Everything has always arrived on time and in excellent condition. One thing I want to mention is the fact that you can recycle 100% of the shipping material and meal trays.
Sadly, Freshly does not ship everywhere (yet!) because of their commitment to the meals arriving fresh and cool. Here’s a list of where they ship:
Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri
IRL Meals
Here’s a few of the meals we received recently. Honestly, they’ve all been quite tasty which isn’t something you’d normally expect from something like this. The high quality ingredients make a huge difference.
Grilled Herb Chicken with Chard and Spaghetti Squash Cakes- This smells so good! While I don’t like chard, this one was my favorite. Unlike the prepared meals you may find in the frozen aisle, this is a real chicken breast that tastes just like it should. The meals are made fresh with real ingredients and it shows.
Chimichurri Salmon with Succotash- I think my husband put this in the microwave for a little too long. I actually like Freshly’s salmon dishes but I do suggest cooking them for one minute, not two.
Honey Dijon Pork with Braised Red Cabbage– Awww, Walker knew I wanted to take pictures of the foods before he ate them so he took one for me. It’s a little blurry but according to him, it was the best one he’d had so far.
Three Bean Turkey Chili– Made with anti-biotic free turkey, this chili was great. It’s a pretty large portion and I couldn’t finish it, so I shared it.
VERDICT: Freshly is a supremely convenient, time-saving way to get healthy meals. I like it because it provides portion control, good quality proteins and everything tastes like it should. It’s so convenient and quick, too. The downsides would be that you have to have room in your fridge for these. Although, as an aside, I have put these in the freezer with no ill effects when we can’t get through them quickly enough. It’s expensive but if it fits your budget, it’s a great way to go. The meals are creative and varied so you don’t get stuck eating the same thing over and over (unless you want to!). On a technical note, the website is easy to navigate and it’s very easy to pause your membership from your account if you need to head out of town.
If you would like to sign up for Freshly, you can do that here. Use code RAD50 for 50% off your Meal Plan! You can take a look at the menu offerings before deciding to join and see if there are any that interest you. There’s a lot to pick from and styles to fit any taste.
Have you tried Freshly? What did you think of the meals?