Try the World “Thailand” Subscription Box Review and Free Box Offer!

Try the World is a chef-curated international specialty food subscription. Every month, you will receive a collection of products from a country or region of the world carefully selected to give the best representation of the area’s cuisine. It’s a way to experiment with new foods and flavors and add a little zest to your pantry.

I’ve found some irresistable items in these boxes. I have also purchased more several times and in quantity. If you fall in love with something Try the World has a shop where you can get more. That is a huge benefit. Especially with some of these elusive goodies.The theme this month is Thailand. The curator is Jet Tila, a regular judge on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen. He also owns some Thai restaurants in Texas. The contents he has chosen are accompanied by recipes for a complete Thai meal.

The Cost: $39.99/month or bi-monthly

What You Get:  A carefully selected collection of gourmet products most representative of the featured country’s cuisine.
Wang Derm Thai Iced Tea- This is a kit for making Thai iced tea. It’s described as having a milky, grassy flavor and is one of Thailand’s most popular drink. I’ve never had Thai Iced Tea and according to the internet it’s a glaring hole in my life. So I will remedy that with this tea. What I didn’t realize until later (after the photos) was that inside this silvery bag are a bag of black tea and a metal tea strainer with a cotton pouch for holding the tea. That means it’s going to be official when I make this.

Minemadame- Taro is a root vegetable like a potato but has a richer flavor. You can get it fresh, fried or cooked. These chips are both sweet and salty. I thought I wouldn’t like these but they’re actually quite tasty.
Lum Lum Tom Yum Soup Set- This soup is both sour and spicy and is known for it’s medicinal qualities. The set comes with four packets including ginger, chilies, lemongrass and basil. I’m going to make this today for my husband since he’s sick and he always likes it when I baby him. 😀
Nittaya Thai Green Curry Paste- While I don’t care for curry, my husband loves it. I’m going to make the included recipe for green curry chicken. I’ve never made curry before so we will see how it turns out.

Chiwadi Coconut Flower Syrup– This is a substitute for honey and is made from hand-harvested nectar from cut coconut blossoms. It’s for use in the Thai Tea but can also be spread on toast or however you would normally use sweetener.
Virgin Coco Crispy Rolls- These are so good! I got coffee flavored ones and I’m totally addicted. I had to hide the package. Crunchy and sweet, my two favorite things. They’re like those wafer rolls that Pepperidge Farms does. I will happily eat every single one.
Jasberry Rice-This is a new type of rice that’s dark purple and antioxidant heavy. Use it in place of regular or brown rice for added color, complex flavor and a healthy boost. I’ve never tried (or seen) this rice before but it will be interesting to try. My husband loves the black wild rice (which isn’t actually rice) and I wonder if this will be anything close in taste.
Eros Dried Jackfruit- I was hoping for mango since we already have tried Jackfruit in one of the snack boxes. I’m pretty picky when it comes to dried fruit, though. So far no mangoes compare to the Philippine brand ones.

VERDICT: Getting Try the World has been a lot of fun. It’s the kind of box that’s dangerous because you find things you didn’t know you needed that you now cannot live without. It has also got me trying new recipes which has been both fun and disastrous. Plus, with their shop having everything available, it’s really easy to get more of what you love. It’s one of the best parts of boxes like this.

If you would like to sign up for Try the World, you can get this Thailand box FREE! Use this link to sign up for the Spain box and you’ll also get Thailand! Now that’s a deal!