SweetsGiftBox Subscription Box Review December 2016 plus 50% Off Coupon

SweetsGiftBo is under the new subscription umbrella of TheGiftBox. This venture started with PetGiftbox which I’ve reviewed extensively over the last year. They’ve now restructured and plan to have several different types of subscriptions with both PetGiftBox and SweetsGiftBox being part of them.

I believe this is the first SweetsGiftBox so it’s still in it’s early stages. I wasn’t expecting such a big box so I was very curious about the contents when it arrived. I’m used the the much smaller boxes of Treatsie and OrangeGlad.

What You Get: Every month you’ll receive a selection of 4-5 sweets ranging from crunchy, chewy, chocolate, fruity or salty.

Fatty Sunday’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Peppermint- Pretzel sticks covered in dark chocolate with crushed candy cane sprinkles. Sooo good!
Funky Chunky Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn- No GMO popcorn made with real butter, salted cashews with rich chewy caramel, drizzled with milk and dark chocolate. Yum! I’m giving this to my mom because she loves this type of thing more than I do. (and there’s so much other good stuff in the box, I feel like sharing would be a good thing).

Madyson’s Marshmallows Hot Cocoa Cone- Handmade marshmallows with milk chocolate cocoa! I like the presentation, it’s definitely cute enough to gift but I’m not sharing.

Shriver’s Peppermint Salt Water Taffy- I liked this taffy because it wasn’t too pepperminty. It wasn’t too soft and the size made it easy to eat without have a huge glop of taffy in your mouth. I wish there’d been a few more. Although one is missing from this photo because I ate it. Heh.

Salem Baking Co. Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies- These are thin, slightly crispy cookies that definitely taste like caramel. Not a regular chocolate chip cookie, that’s for sure. My mom is going to love them. Since I don’t want to eat all of them (okay, I do, but I shouldn’t!) I’m going to take them over to her and make her help me eat them all. They didn’t all survive the trip to my house in the mail, there are several broken ones. But since there’s so many… And crumbs taste good, too…. 😀
VERDICT: I really like the idea and I think the price point is good. I’d like to see the value of the box reach at least the price paid but I’m glad to see that shipping is free. The selection of treats this month was very appropriate for the season and it’s SO nice to get multiples of items or such big boxes. It means you can share. Typically with Treatsie and such, I don’t share because there is only one of everything.

If you would like to sign up for SweetsGiftBox, you can do that here. Use coupon code BITSANDBOXES and get 50% off your first month!