Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate January 2017 Review

Well, I just read a news article saying that Fox would renew Firefly if Joss Whedon came back and got involved. Shouldn’t they have done that ages ago? There’s been a pretty heavy cult following for quite awhile now. I mean, if even Loot Crate can come out with a subscription solely dedicated to Firefly paraphernalia, there must be some demand for it. This review is for the January 2017 Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate. It’s bi-monthly so you get just six per year.

I know I want it all!! The bad thing is that those just finding out about this awesome subscription have missed out on some great collectibles. I don’t know how you’ll find them. Ebay, maybe? So far we’ve received the Serenity, Kayley, Wash, Saffron, Zoe and Jayne. So we still have Mal, Shepherd (RIP), Inara, Simon and River. The awesome thing is that these are EXCLUSIVE to Loot Crate. So while they may have a version of Inara sold out on the Quantum Mechanix website, she’s bound to pop up in a Loot Crate box sooner or later.

Oh, right…. Shepherd is coming up in the next box. “We’ve been out of the world for a spell. Like to walk it a while. Maybe bring some cargo to them as need it brought. But, how it gets there is THE WORTHIER PART! Join us in celebrating Shepherd Book with an EXCLUSIVE Little Damn Heroes Figure & more! Order by 3/15 at 9pm PT. Supplies are limited.”

Part of the fun of these boxes is the mini-mag that arrives with it. They have interviews with cast and crew members that divulge all sorts of information. This month contained a section remembering the awesomeness of Ron Glass (Shepherd Book). He passed away in November and the stories were both sad and good to read.

The Cost: $39.99/bi-monthly

What You Get: A collection of 5-7 Official Firefly Gear & Collectibles, including shiny figures, cunning apparel and other such finery every 2 months. Valued at $65+.

Q-Bit Mystery Minis Inara/River– I got Inara but I secretly think I would have rather had River. I mean, she’s pretty awesome. My collection now contains Simon, Mal, Inara and Jayne.

Exclusive Saffron Little Damn Heroes Mini Master– When I watch the episodes with Christina Hendricks in them I can hardly believe how young she is! Can you believe it’s been 15 years since the first episode? I adore this figure mainly because turning it around to look at the back made me smile. I love that she’s got a pistol hidden. It’s so… her.
Firefly HD Replica Key Chain (and gift box, I guess)-  This is a solid metal Serenity with with a pewter finish. It’s pretty heavy so I don’t think I’d ever actually use it. But display? Sure.

Exclusive “Night, Sweetie” Lapel Pin- Mm.. poison!

Exclusive Firefly Travel Sticker- Slap this on your luggage. Which is actually a good idea, now that I think about it. I did just buy my husband a super awesome StormTrooper suitcase that he loves. I’m not sure he’d want to ruin it with stickers, though. Hm.

Exclusive Atlas of the Verse Flashcards- Set #17 and #26. I’ll be honest, I’ve been keeping these but I really have no idea what I’ll do with them.

Exclusive Lassiter Blueprint T-shirt- I forgot to get this in the full box photo, whoops. A cotton shirt with the original laser pistol that was the object of Saffron’s heist. Fun Fact: It’s named after John Lasseter from Disney Studios.

VERDICT: As a big fan of Firefly, there’s no way I’m ever missing one of these boxes. First, I need the whole collection and second, they send some really nice goodies and tshirts along with the collectibles. Like the dinosaurs and palm tree that came with Wash so you can play your own version of dinosaurs. I’m debating using them to be Wash for Halloween. Also, if you haven’t seen Tucker and Dale vs Evil, do it. Personally, Alan Tudyk can do no wrong– although I haven’t seen his latest TV show.

If you would like to sign up for this Firefly Crate, you can do that here. I don’t know of any coupon codes that actually work on the Cargo Crates, sadly.

Do you get the Firefly Crates? What do you think of them? Not everyone must love them because you can get some of the old stuff on Ebay.