PinchMe Sampling Program Box and Puppy Palooza Offers

PinchMe is a sampling program I’ve recently signed up for. I had tried this service a loooong time ago, back when it first started and it was so difficult to even acquire samples, I eventually just gave up and forgot about it. Now, however, it’s changed a lot and they’ve got a revamped website that makes it much easier.

This sampling program is completely free but you will need to sign up and fill out your profile. You’ll also be responsible for choosing your samples. I don’t think they’ll just send you random products. Based on your profile, you’ll have a selection of products to pick from. If your profile doesn’t fit the sort of samples they have at the time, you may not be eligible for any. The good news is that you’ll get things that fit who you are. Yay!

I was sent a PinchMe VIP box to give you an idea of the sorts of things you can get. They’re also having a promotion to encourage those with dogs to sign up. Since I have dogs, I did just that! Currently, they’re running a PuppyPalooza contest. Sign up and refer your friends and see if you are the lucky winner of a $1000 shopping spree and/or free PinchMe sample boxes. Check it out here!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser– “Perfect even for sensitive skin, this soap-free, non-alkaline, non-comedogenic formula won’t dry your skin, won’t dull your healthy glow.” I’ve actually been wanting to snag one of these and check the pH so this is perfect. It appears to be a 6.5 which is decent. I may have to try it.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream– This doesn’t use my favorite collection of moisturizers but it will do the job. It uses petrolatum, sweet almond oil and glycerin which means it’s probably perfect for slathering on before heading out in the wind and cold. Skin barriers are a good thing!

Olay Fresh Outlasts White Strawberry Body Wash– Smells tasty and I’m always on the look out for travel body washes.

Popcorners Carnival Kettle– I know I’m weird but I don’t like kettle corn. I’m not sure what my problem is. 🙁

ScotchBrite Scrubbing Dish Cloth- We normally use sponges but I’ll try a dish cloth.

Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner– Perfectly pointed because of a self sharpener, you’ll always get a precise line. Smudger included on the opposite end. I’m attached to my non-smudgy, stayput eyeliner I’m currently using up but I’ll try this.

Cover Girl Colorlicious Lip Gloss in Candylicious- “Dripping with shine, ripe with color. Get lustrous, vibrant shine and rich true-to-tube color without all of that stickiness. Our conditioning formula moisturizes, leaving your lips feeling soft and silky and weightless.” Well, it’s definitely shiny!! Stickiness is at a minimum but it’s there. This color doesn’t show up as much of anything beyond lip color. It does feel quite moisturizing though.

And for the dogs:

Purina Puppy Chow– My dogs aren’t puppies but that shouldn’t be an issue. I don’t really feed Purina to my boys, though. Since allergies are an issue with rat terriers I tend to just stick with limited ingredient foods. Purina is not one of them.

Purina Bella Meal with Beef– Besides being Purina, I don’t use wet food much except when one of the boys are sick and need hydration.

VERDICT: Free samples are always fun and I’m impressed with the sizes included. These are not flimsy foil packets (thank goodness!) so you really can get a good idea if what you’re testing will work for you. If you do receive samples, you’ll be able to fill out short surveys about each product.

From what I understand, PinchMe releases samples onces a month to everyone who fits the profile criteria set by the manufacturers. The day they are released, you will receive an email notifying you that you are eligible to receive samples for that month. Since samples are on a first come, first serve basis, it’s probably best to make sure you’re the early bird. And I know you early birds are out there!

So sign up for PinchMe, enter their contest and see what you think of their service! They have a page that is for contest entries and suchlike. I tried to enter one for a Pottery Barn room makeover (because who wouldn’t love that!?) but in order to “confirm my entry” it made me do pages and pages of saying NO to being interested in getting email ads delivered to my inbox. I gave up and logged out without ever being able to “confirm” my contest entry. So annoying.

Are you a member of PinchMe, how has your experience been? Are you up at dawn, at your computer, bleary eyed and waiting for your sample choices to refresh or has it been fairly easy to snag the ones you want? I feel like that’s just too much for me.