Co-Op Crate Ends Subscriptions June 2017 Review

Co-Op Crate has announced that they will be ending their subscription business effective immediately. If you had a longer term subscription, you should have been refunded already. Co-Op Crate focused on small businesses, Etsy sellers and small batch artisan goods. It has introduced me to some of the best caramel I’ve eaten in my life and has always been packed with fun interesting products.

This month the theme was Salt, Sea and Sun which is appropriate for June. Although, we aren’t getting much sun here in Seattle. *glares at gray sky*

It seems a little strange writing a review for a company that has shuttered but I’m hoping they come back as something new and better.
He B G-Bees After Sun Cooling and Anti Itch Spray- A spray made with aloe that also has essential oils like lavender to keep off the bugs while soothing the skin.
Value: $10

Suny Island Blue Coconut Rum Sea Salt Spray- I’ve been digging through my stash to find all my sea salt sprays since my hairdresser recommended them for my hair. I’m growing out a pixie and it’s got more awkward stages than a teenage boy. So I’ll be using this for sure. It smells fabulous, too. Mmm! Made with Purified water, aloe vera oil, mediterranean sea salt, epsom salt, coconut oil, avocado oil, argan oil, optiphen, fragrance oil
Value: $10
Pineapple Proper Pineapple Tumbler- Pineapples seem to be THE THING these days. This cup is a 16 oz. skinny acrylic double walled tumbler. Recommended to handwash. Nooo!
Value: $11

Breakout Press Tote- This tote says “The Beach is Calling” and is made of thin cotton.
Value: $9

The New England Beach Company Mermaid Bottle Opener- This is a cast iron mermaid. It’s quite heavy and somewhat unwieldy.
Value: $10.50

Exit 343 Designs Can Koozie- Does anyone actually use these things? I often have good intentions but either don’t drink from a can or never remember to use these.
Value: $5
Salty Road Strawberries and Cream Salt Water Taffy- This actually tastes like strawberry sauce! Probably because it has pureed strawberry in it, so good!
Value: $7

VERDICT: Co-op Crate has had some really inspired curation for most of their boxes. I don’t think this one qualifies but I’m probably biased because I don’t really like getting totes or koozies because they seem like filler. I’m most interested in the Cooling Spray and the Sea Salt Spray. The mermaid bottle opener is cute but it’s so heavy it’s not really practical. It’s possible I may find a decorative use for it.

While you can no longer snag a Co-Op Crate, there are similar crates if you are interested in trying small batch/businesses boxes. I would recommend Handmade Hive as being an almost direct counterpart. If you like food there is My Texas Market and The Hive Box is fun if you like honey products.