MunchPak Snack Subscription Review and Coupon Code

MunchPak is an international snack subscription that allows for quite a bit of customization. This review is for the regular MunchPak which comes with 10+ snacks. It also has a drink add-on. If you love getting mystery snacks, you’ll get a lot with this box. I’m a big fan of not-too-healthy snacks (sorry, mom) because I like to enjoy what I’m eating. Not that I don’t like baby carrots and hummus on occasion. You know what I mean. A snack box like this is something special!

Normally, you’re probably used to getting a snack box once a month. Not with MunchPak! You can get one a week, twice a month or once a month. That’s a lot of options! Personally, one a month is good since it takes me about that long to get through this many snacks.

I like the regular size with it’s 10+ snacks because when the Mini arrives 5+ snacks just doesn’t cut it. I’m SO tempted by the Family Pak with 20+ snacks but seriously, it would take me forever to get through that many.

The Cost: $19.95/month for the Original MunchPak, $9.95/month for the MunchPak Mini and $39.95/month for the FamilyPak

What You Get: The Original MunchPak contains 10+ snacks. The MunchPak Mini contains 5-6 full size snacks from around the world and the FamilyPak has 20+ snacks.

MunchPak has made a big and beneficial change to it’s snack identification process. Previously, you had to guess what it might taste like if there was no English on it. Now you can download the MunchPak app and scan the barcode on your snack to learn everything you ever wanted to know. Plus you can also order more from their shop.

These Peanut Crunch snacks are from the Philippines and are actually pretty tasty. Definitely weird but strangely satisfying.

I did not love these but I don’t love jalepeno flavor. My husband does, though and he liked them.

These are mini waffle cone cookies by Lotte. They’re a Korean brand that makes a LOT of snacks. They tasted just like waffle cones, too. I ate them. 😀

One thing this box did have a lot of was spicy snacks. This is a Skwinklote. I have no idea what that means but this is a gummy pineapple flavor hot candy with tamarind flavor filling. I freely admit I didn’t even think of trying this. Not for one second. Mexico sure loves it’s hot sweet candies, that’s for sure.

Kaubie Puffed Popcorn Brittle- I haven’t tried this yet but I will. I’m taking it with me camping because why not? It looks like it will taste like that old cereal called Super Golden Crisp. That was my Dad’s favorite cereal when I was a small child. I don’t even know how I remember that but I do.
Then we have Pelon Pelonetes. Tamarind flavor candies. Like TicTacs only totally not like TicTacs. Chili flavored. Blech.

This is pretty cool!! Sweet Soaker which I’m guessing you fill with candy and shoot? Or maybe you eat the candy and fill it with water. Ooo, now I should take *that* camping… This is totally something the kids would love.
There’s also a Pei Tien Rice Cake. I put this one in my snack stash because I do like rice cakes but I’ve tried soooo many snacks just now. 😀

Speaking of snacks I’ve already eaten… These are Japanese snacks that are… well, they’re like tubes. With a hole down the center. I’m not sure why. In any case, they are seriously addicting and I ate both of these. The corn one I’ve had before but the Taro one was new to me. And tasty. Such an interesting texture, too.

For $5 you can add on a drink and this one is a Grape fizzy soda. My husband said it tasted like Dimetapp. Then proceeded to drink the whole thing. I guess he likes Dimetapp?

Whee! Something from Mexico that’s not spicy! I put this in my backpack already since a trail bar will be nice to snack on during a rest stop. Of course, the next snack is spicy, though. a Jabalina. A sweet and sour fruit (tamarind) covered in hot spicy chili powder. I wonder if you have to grow up eating these to like them? Or at least spicy food? I’m a wimp when it comes to spice. My husband likes spicy but he does not like tamarind. At all. That’s okay, though, because I will pass this on to someone who can appreciate it.

VERDICT: So many snacks! And a great selection although I’m not a superfan of spicy treats from Mexico. It would be easy to customize my box to NOT get spicy and it would be worth the buck to not get spicy tamarind lollipops. Still, it’s a fantastic option, knowing you’ll get things you actually enjoy. This type of box makes a great gift subscription for college kids. I know I would have loved it if this type of thing had been around when I was a kid.

When you’re ordering you have several ways you can customize your box. It does cost extra but you can say you don’t want anything with nuts or you love sour things. You can also add a drink, coffee or tea for $5, as well. You never know what you’ll get but you at least have an idea if you customize.

If you would like to sign up for MunchPak, you can do that right here. Use coupon code BITBOX for $2 off your first box.