Choosing the Right Audio Transcription Service Provider- A Comprehensive Guide

Converting speech to readable text is a huge business for transcription companies. However, finding a reliable transcription company that fits your needs can be challenging.

The best way to choose a transcription service provider is by doing research. This article will cover several important factors when choosing a transcription service provider:


One of the main reasons businesses and professionals use transcription services is that they have audio files they want to be converted to text format. They may have notes from a presentation or lesson that they would prefer to review in written form or need the interview transcript to reference.

In general, transcriptions are more accurate when done by humans instead of software. However, no transcript is perfect. When evaluating a transcription service’s accuracy, look for a percentage figure that shows the number of errors per 100 words. This is known as the NER (Natural Error Rate) or NER Model, which helps gauge overall quality.

Some services also include other factors in their accuracy measurement, such as false starts and filler words, side conversations and interruptions. Some may also measure a speech-to-text conversion system’s performance by comparing its accuracy to human transcribers using a similar test script.

Transcriptions can make audio files more useful for businesses and individuals alike. They can help people who are hard of hearing, provide search engines with keywords for better SEO, and turn audio content into snippets with greater social media impact. In addition, they can increase audience reach for podcasts by converting them into transcripts.


Transcript files contain sensitive and private information that can cause serious damage in the wrong hands. Therefore, a transcription service must be secure enough to keep this data safe. Look for a company that uses top-rated security protocols. These protocols include a password-protected portal, two-factor authentication (2FA), and encryption to ensure only authorized users can view the transcripts. You should also ensure that your transcription partner has HIPAA training and background checks for typists handling sensitive data.

Another important security aspect is how the transcription service handles data transfers and storage. This includes whether or not they use a cloud-based transcription platform. You should ensure they utilize secure transfer protocols like SFTP or SSL/TLS if they do. This means the data will be encrypted and stored securely on their servers during transit.

Lastly, your transcription service should be able to work with various audio and video file formats. This is especially important if you need to transcribe complex or lengthy recordings. A transcription service such as Sonix supports multiple file types and can save you time by allowing you to transcribe them in batches. Then, you can easily convert them to the desired format afterward. This feature is particularly useful for organizations that use video-based dictation. For example, a legal firm may need to transcribe lengthy video client interviews.

Customer Support

The best transcription services offer high levels of customer support, including email and phone support. They also have dedicated staff that are available around the clock. This ensures that your questions are answered quickly and that you can have peace of mind knowing that the company can handle any issues.

Many of the leading providers offer a variety of different services, including video transcriptions, Spanish transcriptions, and text-to-text transcriptions. They can also provide transcripts in PDF, Word, and HTML formats. This flexibility is important for businesses that require transcriptions for different purposes. For example, some legal firms use transcripts to create subtitles for YouTube videos. Others use transcriptions for case discovery and depositions.

When looking for an audio transcription service, consider the level of accuracy that you need. Some services provide verbatim transcripts, while others only offer cleaned-up transcripts. It would help if you also considered the turnaround time and pricing options. For example, some services charge per audio minute, while others charge a flat rate for the entire transcription.

If you are working with sensitive data, like personal health information (PHI), choose a provider that offers HIPAA-compliant services. Look for a transcription company that will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). This will ensure that they can meet the standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.


Transcription services have different pricing plans depending on how complex or simple the audio file is and what you plan to do with the transcription. They may charge by line, word, or minute. Some of them also have time limits for each audio recording.

Some transcription services offer rush jobs that can be done in a day or two but are usually more expensive. It’s best to check out the pricing of each audio transcription service before you sign up.

Accurate is the most important factor when choosing an audio transcription service. Although automated AI transcription is becoming more popular, human transcribers still provide the most accurate transcripts. A high-quality transcription can make your business more productive. It can help you save time and resources. By having a written version of your audio files, you can use them in other ways. For example, you can make them searchable or share them with others.


The best transcription services can provide you with high-quality transcripts at an affordable rate. Some of them even offer free transcriptions for basic audio recordings. They have various features that can make your audio-to-text conversion easier and quicker. They also allow you to download and edit your transcriptions. They have a user-friendly transcription interface and support multiple languages.