Reasons to Learn to Play the Piano With a Virtual Piano Teacher

Online piano lessons can be an excellent choice for students who want to learn the piano but cannot attend in-person lessons. Here are reasons why you should consider learning to play the piano with a virtual teacher:

Lessons Can Be Scheduled Anytime

If you live far away from a piano teacher or don’t have the time to travel to an in-person lesson, online lessons are the perfect solution. Lessons are usually scheduled at a time that works best for the student so that they can learn at their own pace. Many people prefer online piano lessons with a virtual piano teacher because they allow them to stay focused during their lessons without distractions. In-person lessons can easily get distracted by the TV or your social media app, but it is much harder to do that during a virtual lesson.

However, if you are not careful, it is also possible to procrastinate during an online lesson. Just make sure that you have a quiet place to practice, no distractions, and no technology so that you can focus on learning. If you do, then you can achieve your dreams of playing the piano. 

Lessons Can Be Personalized

Piano lessons are more intense than most other activities and require a lot of coordination. Young students, in particular, might need to move around or get distracted by other things to sit still for 30 minutes. It might help to give them a few games or skills they can do off the bench to keep them focused during lessons.

Some online learning programs, such as the Forbes Music Company, will provide extra teaching aids to make it easier for students to learn to play the piano. For example, some will allow students to connect their practicing devices and provide feedback on the quality of their playing. This can be a fun way to encourage a sense of competition for students.

Some online piano programs will also have a large library of songs, making it easy for students to progress through their learning. This is helpful for those who prefer to focus on playing popular music and don’t want to spend too much time working through classical pieces.

Lessons Can Be Convenient

Some students find that they are more focused during online lessons. They aren’t distracted by family or other household activities and are more productive during lesson time. This can be a great advantage for introverts or those with trouble focusing in person. Virtual learning platforms can also be used to provide instant feedback. Many programs connect your practice to the internet and can tell you if you’re playing right or wrong in real time.

These tools can be beneficial for younger students. Sometimes it can be hard for them to sit still for 30 minutes or longer at the piano, so it helps when they have games, skills, or toys that they can do off the bench occasionally. This can also help them stay centered and stay energized during a lesson. They can also use these tools to practice on their own, which can help them improve faster.

Lessons Can Be Affordable

Online lessons are typically cheaper than in-person ones. Plus, students save time from traveling. Worrying about being stranded at home during bad weather is also unnecessary. Several companies saw a surge in new student inquiries during the pandemic due to the flexibility and affordability of online piano lessons. However, some people are concerned about not getting immediate feedback on their playing from a teacher. This is especially a concern for those who want to become classical pianists or play in bands.

Some apps and video lessons lack interactivity and don’t allow you to ask questions or receive feedback on your progress. This may be okay for those who want to play music for fun. Still, for those who dream of becoming professional musicians, it’s important to work under the guidance of an experienced instructor. If you are worried about the affordability of lessons, try looking for a method that offers payment plans or discounts.