6 Tips to Eliminate Body Odor

Sweating is a natural physiological process to regulate your body temperature. But, when you start sweating on the hot summer days, the awful smell makes you feel embarrassed. The fact is that your sweat is odorless. However, the reaction of build-up bacteria with your sweat causes an unpleasant smell. So, how will you prevent the bad odor from your sweat?

Use deodorants of the most prominent brand-

Deodorants are available as sprays and sticks. High-quality deodorants have the best formula to reduce the bad smell produced by your sweat. Alcohol-based deodorants prevent the formation of odor-triggering bacteria.

Use a body wash free from paraben and sulfate-

Although sulfate can keep your skin and body free from dirt, it is detrimental. Sulfates destroy the protein and fats of your skin. So, you may feel skin irritation due to sulfates. When harmful sulfate molecules enter your skin, they cause adverse effects.

Again, paraben is used as an antifungal ingredient for some products to prevent the risk of spoilage. But, it can also cause allergies to your skin. By penetrating into your skin, paraben can lead to cancerous cells in your body.

Thus, you can purchase a paraben-free body wash that keeps your skin hydrated and eliminates impurities. The lovely natural fragrance of your body wash will allow you to experience a nourishing bath.

Use lemon juice-

Lemon juice has an acidic quality that reduces the pH level of your body. So, it prevents the growth of bacteria on your skin. Rub a slice of lemon on your underarms and rinse the parts with water.

This is a safe and natural way to remove odor from your body.

Wear an anti-odour undershirt-

Cotton and other natural fabrics are highly breathable. On the contrary, synthetic fabrics (such as rayon and polyester) can leave sweat marks. You can wear an undershirt to prevent bad body odor naturally. It will create an additional layer of sweat absorption, and your body will be free from odor.

While buying workout outfits, you should choose synthetic, moisture-wicking materials to keep your skin free of sweat.

Focus on your regular laundry activities-

You should wash your sweaty clothes every day. If you do not treat those clothes, sweat will sink into their fabrics easily. So, use a quality detergent to remove odor and sweat from your shirt.

The best trick is to use a vinegar solution for your laundry. However, after washing the clothes, you must not use dryers to dry the outfits. The dryer will make the clothes’ odor more intense. Air drying is the best option for your clothes.

Choose your diet carefully-

Foods you eat regularly can cause body odor. For instance, garlic and onions have a smell coming out through pores when your body sweats. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks also lead to excessive sweating.

These simple tips will help you avoid bad odors from your body. Whether you have strong or mild body odor, you might want to get rid of it. Keeping your body odor free is a way to maintain hygiene.